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Order Online & Have Groceries Delivered to Your Home!

From the comfort of your home you can fill up your fridge with a click of a button. It may sound impossible, however, it certainly isn’t. For a continuous development of the B2C segment, which has been representing more than 50% of all packages in the last couple of years, cooperation with experts whose knowledge is based on years of experience and efforts for tailor-made solutions is key. A similar solution was recently discovered while collaborating with the online store E. Leclerc Drive which will help us grow using their knowledge and experiences.

So we will be able to deliver parcels to the home of customers who make their purchase in the online store E.Leclerc Drive. The delivery includes the transfer of fresh produce meaning this is a unique case of delivery in Slovenia which requires us to take a special approach. Drivers are specially qualified and lorries can adapt to different temperature conditions so that product arrive to the final destination in the same form as when they left storage (frozen or fresh). Delivery times are carefully calculated and storage of such cargo is also quite unique.

For further information call  + 386(0)1 600 8430 where we can give you basic information regarding delivery.