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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping via Online Shipping Portal

Shipping via Online Shipping Portal

What are the maximum parcel measurements?

There are two ways to send parcels with DPD. Each way has is own agreements. You wil find them below.

A contract with DPDThe online shipping platform
Sending parcels via a DPD depotSending parcels via the Pickup Parcelshop
network *
Length parcel: 175 cm (longest side)

Length parcel: 100 cm (longest side)
Girth parcel: 300 cm
300 cm = 2xH + 2xB + 1xL up to max 175
Girth parcel: 250 cm
250 cm = 2xH + 2xB + 1xL up to max 100
Use the calculator to measure your parcel
Weight parcel: max 31,5 kgWeight parcel: max 20 kg
 This arrangement has been agreed
internationally with all Pickup parcel
shops so that they don’t have to process
very large or heavy parcels in their shops.
Parcels that you have picked up by the
driver are also subject to these restrictions. 

Parcelletter of DPD, only accessible via the online shipping platform!

For a ParcelLetter different measurements apply:

Girth parcel: max 38 (L) X 26 (B) X 3 (H) in cm. 

Weight parcel: max 1 kg

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