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FAQs on myDPD


In the FAQs you will find questions and answers about our myDPD portal for flexibly receiving and sending parcels. We provide answers to frequently asked questions, e.g. about your password, account and delivery preferences.

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What are push messages for?

You receive important news as a push message without having to search for it. On the one hand this helps you to save time, but at the same time also ensures that you will always receive important information.

What does DPD use my mobile phone number for?

We use your mobile phone number, for example, to notify you of parcels, to confirm redirection instructions or to assign your parcel (only for registered users). Further information about how we handle your data can be found in our privacy policy.

What does DPD use my address for?

We need your address to assign your incoming parcels. When you register you will be automatically notified about deliveries.

How can I edit an address?

You can edit an address by clicking on the pencil icon next to it.

What does DPD use my email address for?

We use your email address, for example, to notify you of parcels, to confirm an order for a change or to assign a parcel to you (only for registered users). You will find further information about how we handle your data in our privacy policy.

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What are delivery preferences? What can I define here?

Here you can, for example, specify the favourite parcel shop to which we should deliver all your parcels, or you can give us a general deposit okay.

How exactly can I sort the addresses?

You can use the arrow next to the column names to sort the records.

Why can\'t I change the print position when the parcel is printed again?

The package note is saved in the form in which you printed it for the first time. It does not generate a new parcel note when it is reprinted. Therefore, it is not possible to change the print position when the parcel is printed again.

Why does DPD use the mobile phone number?

We use the mobile phone number of the consignee e.g. for the parcel announcement, for the order confirmation of a change or to give you a parcel tail rotor gain (only for registered users). For more information on how to use your data, please see our Privacy policy.

For whom is the favourite parcel shop valid?

The favourite parcel shop is only valid for registered myDPD users and the name of the consignee who has arranged it. The validity of a favourite parcel shop does not depend on the address stored in the myDPD profile.

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