13. November 2019 | Sustainability

Bis zu 50.000 Pakete pro Tag: Spatenstich für grünes DPD Depot in Holzgünz bei Memmingen

  • Symbolic start to the construction work with Deputy District Administrator Dr. Stephan Winter, Christa Bail, Deputy Chairwoman of the A96 Trade and Industry Association, and DPD COO Thomas Ohnhaus

  • Alois Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG as the developer and future tenant DPD launch a major investment package

  • Almost self-sufficient in energy, the facility will replace the existing DPD depot in Kempten at the beginning of 2021

Holzgünz. 13 November 2019 – With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony DPD and Alois Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG yesterday celebrated the start of construction work on a "green" depot in Holzgünz near Memmingen in the Lower Allgäu region. The parcel sorting centre is expected to start operations in February 2021. When it comes on stream it will replace the existing depot in Kempten and will also take over the depot's delivery area. Energy efficiency and sustainability play a key role in the construction project.

The new building will enable DPD to strengthen its presence in a region that offers great potential for business customers, thanks to a high density of economically strong companies. In addition, the region's above-average per capita income is generating a strong increase in e-commerce parcels and, as an expansion of the site is not possible,  DPD's existing location in Kempten will in the long term no longer be able to meet the requirements of these growth markets. "I am delighted that the local department of commerce has been able to provide DPD with a site which, thanks to its favourable location, meets the requirements of the parcel service as well as those of the surrounding municipalities," says Christa Bail, Deputy Chairwoman of the A96 Trade and Industry Association. The new Holzgünz depot will be able to handle up to 50,000 parcels a day.

Around 130 people will eventually be employed at the Holzgünz depot. As this is a depot relocation, many employees of the depot in Kempten will also move to the new facility. However, a large part of the workforce at the new location will be newly recruited. "The new depot will thus not only ensure the supply of parcels to local people. It will also provide new jobs for our Lower Allgäu region," says Deputy District Administrator Dr. Stephan Winter.

"Investments such as this one here in Holzgünz are important if we are to maintain our market position. We need modern, high-performance parcel sorting centres in order to cope with the rapid growth in parcel volumes."

Thomas Ohnhaus, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DPD Germany

Thomas Ohnhaus, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of DPD Germany, adds: "Investments such as this one here in Holzgünz are important if we are to maintain our market position. We need modern, high-performance parcel sorting centres in order to cope with the rapid growth in parcel volumes. Located not far from both the Swiss and Austrian borders, in strategic terms Holzgünz is an excellent location for a new DPD depot."

Unlike most construction projects in recent years, DPD will not be the developer in Holzgünz. This will be the role of Alois Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG, which will subsequently also act as the landlord of the depot. As a company with extensive expertise in the field of energy and building technology, Alois Müller will focus on resource-saving and energy-efficient solutions without at the same time compromising user convenience. "For many years our company has stood for future-oriented thinking, the use of renewable energies and, above all, sustainable operations. With this ecological new building project for the DPD depot we are setting a further example of this", states Managing Director Andreas Müller.

Accordingly the new DPD depot will be almost self-sufficient in terms of energy. With the help of a photovoltaic system measuring around 3,000 square metres and with a total output of 500 kW, the sorting halls and office building will be able to produce their own electricity and, thanks to intelligent energy storage systems, use it as needed. In addition, the buildings are heated and cooled by resource-saving concrete core activation. Heating and cooling are provided from the nearby energy plant, in which regenerative heating is obtained from biomass and CO2-neutral cooling from a well system. Energy costs and CO2 emissions are thus reduced to almost zero. The flexible and expandable local heating network not only ensures a resource-conserving and sustainable supply of heat to the new DPD depot, but will also allow other companies that locate on the A96 industrial and commercial park to be connected at any time.

LIST Bau Nordhorn, a long-standing partner to DPD, has been commissioned with the operational implementation of the construction project. On the site in Holzgünz an unloading hall and two loading halls as well as an office building with a total usable area of almost 10,000 m² will be built. Andreas Brockhaus, Managing Director of LIST Bau Nordhorn, gives an insight into the course of the construction work: "In December we will start with the special foundations, in which we will fix vibrating tamping columns in the ground in order to stabilise the future structure. The new building will then rise from the beginning of next year. We will probably be able to celebrate completion in September 2020."

The project in Holzgünz is also notable because of the fact that the developer - Alois Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG - has created a particularly sustainable concept for the building's electricity, heating and cooling systems. "We are working particularly closely with the developers, who are installing all the building's utility services themselves in order to optimally implement their plans," explains Brockhaus. In addition, the general contractor is supporting the environmentally friendly aspect of the construction project by using sustainable materials. "We use wood as the building material for the roof structure of DPD's depots and logistics facilities," explains Brockhaus. "Among other factors, wood has a much better CO2 footprint than alternative materials. Each cubic metre of glued laminated timber binds about one tonne of CO2. In addition, wood creates a warm building atmosphere and has a positive influence on the indoor climate due to its moisture-compensating properties."


Facts and figures on the new DPD depot in Holzgünz:

Operational start-up:         February 2021

Site area:                                  53,700 m²

Yard:                                          25,700 m²

Buildings:                                10,000 m²

Workforce:                             170 in the final stage (initially 130)

Daily parcel volume:           50,000 parcels per day in the final stage (initially 28,000)

Sorting performance:        10,000 parcels per hour

Delivery area: Friedrichshafen, Kaufbeuren, Kempten, Leutkirch im Allgäu, Lindau, Memmingen, Oberstdorf, Ravensburg.