Dedicated to supporting our communities worldwide

Closer communities

Soziale Verantwortung Soziale Verantwortung

Dedicated to supporting our communities worldwide

Closer communities

With a strong focus on charitable activities, we promote positive change in Germany and around the world. We actively contribute to a better, fairer and more sustainable world of tomorrow with large and small donations, a wide range of social projects, and the commitment of our employees.

We take responsibility locally and nationally


6200 employees in Germany involved.


312 organisations supported through volunteers, donations and services.


10 students will be supported by the DPD Foundation with the Boris Winkelmann Germany Scholarship in 2024.

Helping where help is needed: the DPD Foundation

In 2016 we established the DPD Foundation as a trust under the umbrella of the Help with Plan Foundation, with the aim of supporting our employees in emergency situations and improving the living conditions and educational opportunities of children and young people worldwide:

We help in emergencies
Those who work for or with DPD and suddenly find themselves in an emergency situation through no fault of their own can be sure of our support. Through our DPD Relief Fund we provide fast and unbureaucratic help when the social safety net is no longer effective, and have so far already helped 150 members of the DPD family to cope with unexpected cases of misfortune.

We support children from all over the world
The DPD Foundation adopts sponsorships from the children's aid organisation Plan International. As sponsors, our apprentices are actively involved in interaction with children from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We support Plan International in aid projects
From 2016 to 2021 we were involved in education projects in Rwanda, which have since been successfully completed. Since January 2022 we have been supporting a project in Malawi that ensures food security in times of climate change.

Diversity Charter

Charta der Vielfalt Charta der Vielfalt

Diversity Charter

DPD Germany has signed the "Diversity Charter". Open, tolerant and fair cooperation is very important to us, so we embrace diversity and actively work to offer all employees equal opportunities.

Making sure certain things are not forgotten

Social-Parcel-Blackred.svg Paket mit Herz

Since 2021, DPD has taken over the Europe-wide shipping of the "Stolpersteine", which commemorate the victims of National Socialism, free of charge. There are now almost 105,000 stones laid in European cities and municipalities. The project is supported by the non-profit "STIFTUNG - SPUREN - Gunter Demnig".

Shared commitment: how our employees get involved

Our employees get involved in many ways - for the work of our DPD Foundation, but also directly on the doorstep of our DPD depots. And we promote this involvement in a variety of ways:


The Rest-Cent Initiative
Around 6,200 employees voluntarily donate the cent amount after the decimal point of their net salary, or an amount they decide for themselves. This is automatically transferred to the DPD Foundation every month.

Local campaigns
Whether it's fundraising runs, raffles or cake sales - our depots organise countless initiatives, the proceeds of which benefit the DPD Foundation.

Time and financial support for volunteers
DPD employees are given time off to support social and environmental initiatives in their local area. For example, they take part in rubbish collection campaigns, help out at animal shelters, food banks and charity shops.