29. June 2020 | Press release

Contributing to the city's climate protection programme: in future DPD Germany will deliver parcels in Hanau by cargo bike

  • Operational start planned for the beginning of July with a Rytle MovR cargo bike and around 400 parcels per week

  • In future at least two electrically powered cargo bikes will make deliveries in Hanau

  • DPD Germany is also launching a micro depot in Darmstadt

Hanau, 29 June 2020 – DPD Germany has set up a new micro depot in cooperation with the municipality of Hanau and Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH. At the beginning of July parcels will be delivered from the Congress Park/Am Schwimmbad car park by cargo bike, and will therefore be free from local emissions. In the initial start-up phase one Rytle MovR cargo bike will be used, with a further bike to be added as soon as this initial phase has been successfully completed. At the same time DPD Germany is also setting up a micro depot in the Bessungen district of Darmstadt, from which deliveries will be made by cargo bike. For the international parcel and express service provider these are the first projects of this kind in the Rhine-Main conurbation.

Thanks to the cooperation with Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH this is the first time that a DPD micro depot has been located in a public car park. There are currently two parking spaces available there, but this area can be extended later. The car park operator has installed walls which separate the micro depot from the regular parking facility. From the outside the parcels are delivered by van via a roller door.

This first distribution station for parcels will also help the municipality of Hanau to build up its own experience for integration into a logistics concept for the future city centre. City councillor Thomas Morlock explains: "One of our goals in the development of a mobility and traffic plan is to reduce the number of motorised delivery services in the city centre. In addition, cargo bikes also enable delivery to pedestrian zones outside of normal delivery times".

From the beginning of July onwards, parts of Hanau's city centre will be supplied with emission-free parcels from the Heinrich-Fischer-Bad site. The parcels will arrive by van in the morning and will then be sorted into the exchangeable container of the cargo bike for distribution throughout the area. Initially around 400 parcels per week will be delivered to parcel consignees in the city centre. Looking ahead DPD Germany expects this parcel volume to at least double.

The site of the multi-storey car park is ideal because it is centrally located in a delivery area with a lot of non-business consignees within easy reach."

Gerd Seber, Group Manager City Logistics & Sustainability at DPD Germany

"With these parking spaces the city of Hanau has offered us an ideal opportunity to implement another cargo bike project. The site of the multi-storey car park is ideal because it is centrally located in a delivery area with a lot of non-business consignees within easy reach", says Gerd Seber, Group Manager City Logistics & Sustainability at DPD Germany. "At the same time we are also expanding our local expertise in the field of parcel handling and distribution from multi-storey car parks".

The cooperation with the municipality of Hanau and Hanau Parkhaus GmbH is another important step within DPD's DrivingChange corporate strategy. Since 2013 DPDgroup has reduced its CO2 emissions by 15.2 percent. By 2025 a reduction of as much as 30 percent is targeted.

Hanauer Parkhausgesellschaft had initially approached several parcel services, but after constructive talks finally agreed with DPD Germany to set up a micro depot of this kind in the city of the Brothers Grimm. At the official opening of the depot in the Congress Park/Schwimmbad car park, Managing Director Markus Henrich thanked DPD for its ecological commitment. He explained: "The public are increasingly ordering goods on the Internet, and parcel services accordingly provide an essential basic service in the municipalities. We are therefore all the more pleased that in DPD we have gained a partner willing to make a contribution to the city of Hanau's climate protection programme".

DPD Germany is constantly expanding its fleet of cargo bikes

DPD Germany has already stationed cargo bikes in various German cities. In areas with many non-business consignees and short distances in particular, it has become apparent that the targeted use of environmentally friendly electric bikes can help to increase the efficiency of parcel deliveries. Delivery personnel can make rapid progress even in dense city centre traffic, and there is usually no need to search for a parking space. Among other cities DPD delivers parcels by cargo bike in Leipzig, Constance, Berlin, Heilbronn and Nuremberg. The company currently has a total of 32 cargo bikes and 8 electric tricycles, known as TRIPLs, based throughout Germany.