13. December 2018 | Update

Record figures in the Christmas business: DPD delivers 300,000 parcels per hour

The run-up to Christmas is traditionally the time with the highest parcel volumes of the year. On peak days during the Christmas season DPD delivers up to 50 percent more parcels than on an average day in the year. A recent Big Data analysis of the international parcel and express service provider’s performance indicates that it has set new records. In November and December DPD delivered up to 300,000 parcels per hour – in some cases more than two million parcels a day. In order to deliver all these parcels on time, in the seven weeks before Christmas DPD delivery personnel travel more than 70 million kilometres throughout Germany. On the busiest days alone, they cover more than 2.5 million kilometres – 63 times the earth’s circumference.

In Berlin consignees can best be located early in the morning, in Stuttgart not until noon.

As early as the Monday after Black Friday 2018 new records were set, with more than 2 million parcels in Germany and 9 million parcels in Europe as a whole. In Germany, most Christmas parcels are on average delivered on Fridays at 12:30 pm. The highest rate of successful deliveries, on the other hand, is reached at 10.00 a.m. on Saturdays – at no other time are private consignees more likely to be found at home. Saturday is also by far the most popular day for private consignees: no other day of the week is selected more often when consignees make use in the DPD App of the option to postpone the delivery date. Among other things a city-based comparison shows some interesting regional differences in parcel delivery. Just one example: while parcel consignees in Berlin are best located at home on Fridays at 08:33, in Stuttgart the peak first-time delivery rate is achieved at 12:15.

Carbon-neutral parcel transport for everyone – without extra costs to customers

Good to know: the transport of DPD parcels is always completely carbon-neutral, not just at Christmas – and at no additional cost to the customer. By investing in global climate projects DPDgroup is a global leader in voluntary carbon offsetting. In 2017 alone, a total of 912,731 tonnes of CO2 equivalents was offset by DPDgroup. This means that DPDgroup is responsible for almost 5 percent of all voluntarily offset CO2 emissions in Europe. At the same time, CO2 emissions per parcel are continuously being reduced. The target of a 10 percent reduction in emissions per parcel on 2013 values was achieved as early as 2016.