Boost your sales. With ShopIdent.

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Boost your sales. With ShopIdent.

ShopIdent is the service which enables fast and reliable identity verification. This is mandatory for customers who want to identify themselves for a prepaid card from ALDI TALK, the driver's license check as proof for the driver's license test or register for a De-Mail address. Many of our DPD Pickup parcelshops offer this supplementary service and boost their customer footfall as a result. We would be delighted to welcome you!


Benefit from ShopIdent now

Would you like to offer ShopIdent in your Pickup parcelshop? Then contact the Parcel Shop Service Center. You are no Pickup paketshop partner yet? Apply now. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner at DPD.

The benefits to you

  1. More customer footfall: ShopIdent brings you potential new customers.

  2. More customer service: ShopIdent enables you to offer your customers a wider service spectrum. Customer identification in a few simple steps.

  3. More turnover: there’s a fee for each identification.

  4. Quick start-up:  Simple processing with your DPD parcelshop scanner.


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