15. May 2019 | Update

A strong brand image on channels like Instagram: DPDgroup launches Europe-wide brand campaign

  • Campaign focuses on digital services for parcel consignees

  • DPD Germany launches Instagram channel and also makes use of YouTube, Facebook and programmatic advertising

  • German campaign website at dpd.de/einfachwienie

Aschaffenburg, 15 May 2019 – With a Europe-wide campaign the international DPDgroup aims to enhance both the image and awareness of its brand. The No. 2 on the European parcels market is focusing in particular on online shoppers on 22 European markets. Five entertaining video spots can now also be viewed in Germany. Until the end of June the campaign will show everyday mishaps that demonstrate how precarious taking delivery of parcels can be – unless of course the consignee uses DPD’s digital services. The campaign is appearing on the social media channels YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram DPD Germany is for the first time represented with its own corporate channel, on which it will continue to provide insights into the world of DPD even after the campaign. Via programmatic advertising the campaign videos are also being placed on a range of online media with wide coverage.

“Awareness of the DPDgroup brand Europe-wide still lags behind its importance as a strong No. 2 on the European parcel market”

Frank Vergien, Manager Corporate Affairs & Brand at DPD Germany

“Awareness of the DPDgroup brand Europe-wide still lags behind its importance as a strong No. 2 on the European parcel market”, explains Frank Vergien, Manager Corporate Affairs & Brand at DPD Germany. “This campaign will help to position us among online shoppers as a digital innovation leader that understands and serves the daily needs of shippers and consignees better than any other parcel service.”

The five campaign spots focus on everyday situations in which DPD’s digital services make life easier. For example, people who know exactly when their parcel will arrive will not be found standing in the hallway dressed only in a shower cap. And those who conveniently provide a digital deposit okay for their parcels don’t need to risk a hazardous race home through city traffic. The campaign accordingly highlights DPD’s digital services in a witty way: map-based live tracking, delivery forecasts which are accurate to one hour, and numerous ways in which consignees can conveniently use apps or web portals to integrate parcel deliveries into their everyday lives. The campaign has been produced by the French digital agency Supper, while placements are being handled by the leading international media agency Starcom. All the campaign activities lead to the German campaign website dpd.de/einfachwienie, which features all the videos, a photo contest and comprehensive information about DPD’s digital services.

Instagram and more: DPD Germany expands its portfolio of social channels

At the same time as the campaign DPD Germany is launching its first corporate Instagram channel. At instagram.com/dpd.de DPD now offers exciting insights into the world of parcel shipping using video and images. “The importance of images and videos in communication is still growing, which is also reflected in the rapidly increasing number of Instagram users,” explains Peter Rey, Manager Media & Digital Relations at DPD Germany. “So not only are we looking forward to our new Instagram channel, but we’re also increasing the amount of moving images on all our social channels.” DPD’s portfolio of social channels ranges from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, where the focus is on entertaining formats, to more content-driven platforms such as Twitter, XING and LinkedIn. In addition, DPD also offers convenient digital customer services on Facebook and Twitter and provides rapid assistance to all users in a direct dialogue. The social media are supplemented by a newsroom at dpd.de/news on DPD’s website, which was given a comprehensive relaunch in March of this year. Both on the website and on social channels DPD is pursuing a “mobile first” strategy which corresponds to the preferred user behaviour of both shippers and consignees.

Harmonised throughout Europe: digital delivery services from DPD

People who shop conveniently on the Internet also expect an optimal customer experience when it comes to the delivery of their parcels. For this purpose DPD offers an unparalleled level of information flows and flexibility throughout Europe. DPD’s Predict service with its reliable 1-hour delivery forecast and a variety of delivery options are also available for cross-border shipments between 23 European markets. DPD always keeps consignees fully informed of the status of their parcel by SMS or email. Thanks to DPD’s map-supported live tracking, consignees can also see in real time on a detailed map where their parcels are currently located. In the course of the delivery the predicted delivery time is even specified down to the last 30 minutes. Anyone who can’t be at home in spite of this maximum degree of transparency in delivery can simply choose between a number of redirection options. Examples of this are delivery on another day, providing a deposit okay or delivery to a Pickup parcelshop.

DPD has expanded its network of internationally coordinated parcel shops to 42,000 Pickup parcelshops in 23 countries. The parcel shops are not only an important alternative delivery point for parcels, but also enable convenient and reliable return shipments across national borders.

With 1.3 billion parcels in 2018 and a turnover of 7.3 billion euros, DPDgroup is the second largest parcel service network in Europe. With its DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT brands DPDgroup is present throughout Europe. In the B2C segment DPDgroup recorded the fastest volume growth in the industry in 2018, with an increase of 16 per cent. Its cross-border parcel shipments within Europe also grew strongly, with a 13.6 percent increase in revenues. Throughout Europe DPDgroup employs 75,000 delivery specialists.