8. July 2019 | Update

E-Crafter for Hannover

The city of Hanover makes 20 parking zones available to delivery services

Together with BIEK, the German Parcel & Express Logistics Association, DPD Germany is campaigning for the introduction of loading zones in German cities. This is because no delivery driver enjoys having to double-park his vehicle, but all too often the daily search for a parking space leaves no other option but to accept this temporary obstruction of traffic. The positive effects which dedicated loading zones provide can now be observed in Hanover. The Hanover Urban Logistics Initiative has launched a pilot project in the Linden-Nord district. Logistics points have been set up at 20 strategically useful locations, where during specific times only CEP service providers are allowed to park.

All other road users are prohibited from parking in these areas from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs and on Saturdays from 09.00 to 14.00 hrs. This measure is intended to make parcel deliveries more efficient and reduce interference with other traffic. The project is also combined with a gesture of goodwill towards the residents of Hannover-Linden. The participating CEP service providers will use electric vehicles there and accordingly make their parcel delivery operations locally emissions free. DPD Germany will be using two VW e-Crafters from autumn onwards.

The main operational areas are the delivery districts around Limmerstraße in Hanover-Linden. Since this delivery area is home to a large number of commercial consignees who receive a greater number of parcels and larger ones, the area is not suitable for delivery by cargo bike. However, DPD Germany is examining whether cargo bikes can be used for deliveries in other parts of Hanover.

DPD Germany welcomes the bold decision of the city of Hanover to make parking space in Linden-Nord available for more sustainable parcel logistics, at least on a temporary basis. "We're very pleased that the city is providing urgently needed space for more sustainable supplies to the inner city. For DPD Germany this was the decisive impulse to use fully electrically driven delivery vehicles in Hanover now, too," says Andreas Glüsenkamp, manager of the Lehrte depot which is responsible for Hanover. The project could serve as a model for other municipalities.