11. November 2019 | Update

DPD is ready for the Christmas season and offers tips on ensuring that gifts arrive on time

  • On peak days the company will deliver up to 300,000 parcels an hour

  • Standard parcels should be shipped by 20 December and express parcels by noon on 23 December at the latest

  • Tips for consumers: pack parcels securely and then use the DPD App to manage them digitally

Aschaffenburg, 11 November 2019 – The Christmas season is just around the corner. Thanks not least to the boom in e-commerce, millions of Christmas parcels will again be sent this year. DPD expects daily parcel volumes to increase by up to 50 per cent in comparison to an average delivery day. In the peak period before Christmas the international parcel and express service provider will deliver more than two million parcels per day. Digital management of parcels by the consumer ensures that parcels will arrive reliably and on time during the Christmas season, too.

On particularly busy days DPD delivers more than 300,000 parcels per hour throughout Germany. In line with the company’s group-wide voluntary commitment, all of these parcels are delivered in carbon-neutral shipping. Over the Christmas season the company deploys up to 4,000 additional personnel in parcel deliveries and at sorting centres so that it can handle these huge volumes.

Parcels should not be shipped too late

Christmas Eve this year falls on a Tuesday. DPD therefore recommends sending standard parcels by Friday, 20 December (12 noon) at the latest so that within Germany they can be delivered in good time before Christmas Eve. Express parcels, on the other hand, will still arrive on time if they are posted by 12 noon on Monday, 23 December. In order to ensure punctual parcel delivery for international shipments to EU countries, shippers should send their parcels by Wednesday, 18 December at the latest. The delivery time calculator on the DPD website provides an overview of the transit times for international shipments. DPD will make its last pre-Christmas deliveries on 24 December, but on this day only Priority and Express parcels will be delivered. From midday onwards the work of the parcel delivery staff will be completed for the Christmas season, and they can then look forward to Christmas Eve with their families.


The most important tips for packaging parcels securely

To ensure that Christmas parcels arrive not only on time but also intact, it is advisable to stick to the following packaging recommendations:

  • The shipping carton should be robust, secure and undamaged. The cardboard box must be strong enough for the weight of its contents – even in the event of impact.

  • The outside of the parcel should not be decorated with wrapping paper or ribbons – these can get caught up in the automatic parcel sorting conveyors.

  • Cavities in the shipping carton should be padded so that the contents have as little room to move around as possible.

  • Fragile items must not come into direct contact with the outside of the box. Bubble wrap and other padding materials provide additional protection for the contents of the parcel.

  • The parcel label should always be placed on the largest surface of the box.

  • If several parcel labels are used (e.g. additional address information), they must not overlap.

  • Any old parcel stickers or barcodes still on the parcel should be removed or made illegible.

Making use of digital services: everything under control with the DPD App

After a parcel has been handed to DPD for shipping, both the shipper and the consignee have the opportunity to follow the progress of the Christmas present live. For this purpose DPD offers a range of digital services on the DPD website and in the DPD App for mobile users. In the map-based live tracking system, consignees can see where their parcel is in real time on a detailed online map. Thanks to the Predict digital service, for every parcel DPD also provides a delivery forecast which is accurate to within 60 minutes. In the course of the day the forecast delivery time even narrows down to 30 minutes. Any consignees who won’t be at home during this period can take advantage of several digital delivery options. With the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger they can arrange for the shipment to be left in a safe place or for delivery to be made on another day. As an alternative, deliveries can also be redirected – to a Pickup parcelshop, for example.

How to find a nearby Pickup parcelshop

The Parcel Shop Finder function at www.dpd.de makes it easy to find the nearest of over 6,500 Pickup parcel shops. All the relevant information, such as the shop’s opening hours and address, is also available there. Parcel shipping – together with payment – can be carried out completely digitally both on the website and in the DPD App. There is no need to print out labels and stick them on the parcel. Even without registration consignors can create a mobile, barcoded parcel label and if required store it in apps such as the Wallet (iOS) or PassWallet (Android). The delivery charge can be conveniently paid by PayPal or direct debit before the parcel is dropped off for shipping at a Pickup parcelshop.