22. January 2020 | Sustainability

Green energy for 176,000 people: DPD is still number 1 on the voluntary carbon offset market in the CEP sector

DPDgroup is committed to making every package we deliver carbon neutral to all customers at no additional cost. Since 2012, we have been supplying climate-neutral packages to our customers. This commitment is based on a three-step approach: first, we measure our carbon footprint with externally audited methods and tools. Then, we areduce our CO2 emissions per parcel with emissions-free vehicles and innovations that reduce the number of delivery attempts. And finally, we offset the remaining transport and energy consumption emissions.

The offsetting program is based on two projects for the generation of renewable and clean energy. The project we support in India produces renewable energy from wind power. In Brazil, we support a landfill gas collection project to produce clean energy. Both projects are audited by one of the strictest carbon standards on the market - the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). In addition, each project is reviewed by a third party to ensure accurate measurements of CO2e savings.

The compensation projects in India and Brazil have helped to offset the DPD Germany carbon footprint for 2018 of 240,467 t CO2 by producing 214,058 Mwh of clean energy, supplying for one year to 169,675.00 people in India and 18,932.00 people in Brazil. Not only does this investment offset 100% of our greenhouse gas emissions from parcel delivery, it also promotes social and economic improvements through sustainable livelihood & Medical, Women empowerment and skill development and education.