2. July 2020 | Sustainability

Deliveries free from local emissions: Mercedes-Benz provides DPD with its first eSprinters

For local zero-emission deliveries in inner-city transport Mercedes-Benz Vans has handed over seven battery-powered eSprinters to parcel and express services provider DPD at its Berlin and Nuremberg locations. These pilot vehicles participating in the Zukunft.de project will be used for the first time by DPD in making parcel deliveries.

The eSprinter panel vans with a gross vehicle weight of 3,500 kg in a high-roof version have a usable battery capacity of 47 kWh with a range of 168 km and a maximum payload of 891 kg. Flexibility is ensured by the integrated quick-charging function, thanks to which the battery can be recharged from 10 percent to 80 percent within approximately 25 minutes. The load capacity of 11 m³ can be used without restriction, as the batteries are installed in the underbody of the vehicle. The electric drive powers the front wheels and delivers 85 kW with a torque of up to 295 Nm.

With the acquisition of the eSprinter DPD is consistently driving forward the expansion of its own e-vehicle fleet. Thanks to their electric drive and range, the Mercedes-Benz eSprinters are particularly suitable for use by DPD in city centres, where short delivery routes with many individual stops are generally the rule. The eSprinter can therefore demonstrate its strengths, particularly on tours where the proportion of parcels for private consignees is particularly high. Three of the seven eSprinters will in future be used in Berlin city centre, the other four vehicles will be used by DPD in Nuremberg. The eSprinter batteries will be charged directly at the depots. The tours are planned in such a way that no additional recharging is necessary during the delivery process. Green electricity further improves the ecological footprint of the e-transporters: throughout Germany DPD has since the beginning of the year been purchasing only green electricity from renewable sources.

On the occasion of the handover Patrick Albrecht, the responsible key account manager in the Fleet Management department of Mercedes-Benz Van Sales Germany, said: "I am delighted that DPD will be using our eSprinter. With the eSprinter we have a vehicle in our portfolio which, in terms of its specifications and range, is very well suited to the requirements of the courier, express and parcel service industry for deliveries along the so-called 'last mile'."

"DPD has set itself the goal of continuously reducing transport emissions. In Mercedes-Benz we are delighted to have found a supplier that can produce electrically powered vehicles in our preferred class", comments Gerd Seber, Group Manager City Logistics & Sustainability at DPD Germany, adding: "At the same time we will remain in close contact with Mercedes-Benz in order to provide feedback on our experience in practice".


The future-oriented ZUKUNFT.DE project covers several federal states

The cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and DPD is supported in particular by ZUKUNFT.DE (the German acronym for "customer-friendly, sustainable, flexible and transparent delivery services thanks to zero emissions"). ZUKUNFT.DE is a project for parcel delivery along the last mile by electrically powered vehicles, and is being implemented under the leadership of Hamburg (hySOLUTIONS project management centre) via the three federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and Hesse. During operations the vehicles will also be monitored by partners from the scientific community in order to optimise the use and scaling of electric vehicles for inner-city parcel deliveries. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The implementation of the underlying funding guidelines is coordinated by NOW (German acronym for the "national organisation for hydrogen and fuel cell technology").