6. August 2020 | Background

Join in now: loading zone petition started

On 28 April an amendment to the road traffic regulations was presented by the government. In the run-up to this, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer had explicitly spoken out in favour of new provisions relating to loading zones. However, in the end these new provisions were not included in the amendment to the road traffic regulations.

The loading zone is intended to keep parking spaces exclusively free for delivery traffic at certain times of the day, similar to specially designated taxi zones. A corresponding regulation would save parcel delivery drivers a long search for parking spaces and, through the constant availability of appropriate stopping areas, would also contribute to greater road safety and relieve the pressure on traffic. For this reason DPD Germany, together with the BIEK (German Parcel and Express Logistics Association), continues to advocate the introduction of these loading zones.

With an online petition the BIEK is campaigning for loading zones to be included in the road traffic regulations in the near future after all. A renewed decision on this is necessary in any case, as the current amendment to the road traffic regulations has been declared null and void due to a procedural error.

After the expiry of the deadline for signatures the BIEK will approach the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with the results of the petition and, with reference to the extent of the affected area, ask again for a corresponding amendment to the road traffic regulations.

DPD Germany is campaigning among its workforce, delivery personnel, parcel shippers and consignees to join this petition. The petition can be supported here: https://www.openpetition.eu/petition/online/fuer-ein-sicheres-miteinander-im-strassenverkehr-ohne-ausgrenzung-liefer-und-ladezonen-in-die-stvo.