3. February 2021 | Update

Further development of the chatbot: Red can now also send parcels

At the end of 2019 DPD introduced the chatbot Red, a new AI-controlled channel that allowed parcel consignees to find out about the status of their parcel quickly and easily. However, Red's functions are being continuously developed. With immediate effect shippers and consignees can now also use the digital parcel assistant to place orders for the shipping of parcels.

Chatbot Red has become a permanent fixture on the dpd.de website, is always available for a chat and helps with parcel-related enquiries. In the course of time he has learned a lot of new stuff. In the beginning he simply informed customers about the status of their parcel, but later he was able to help them with redirection options and, for example, arrange a deposit okay on behalf of the consignee. This contact-free delivery option is used extensively, especially during the Covid pandemic.

Now he also helps people with sending parcels. For example, Red assists with the creation of the parcel label, and the parcel is ready to go. Our new video clip shows what this help can look like: