24. November 2021 | Update

3G: what will change for shippers and parcel consignees?

The federal government has decided to introduce the so-called 3G regulation in workplaces as of today. In concrete terms, this means that before entering the company premises, employees must present proof that they have been vaccinated against the corona virus, that they have fully recovered from a previous corona illness or that a current COVID-19 rapid test has turned out negative.

On the basis of this new legal decision DPD Germany is also obliged to check all workers at all locations appropriately. For months now, all persons entering a depot have been checked with fever measuring devices to exclude the possibility of an elevated body temperature. From now on, all workers will have to show 3G verification before starting work. Any person who has not been vaccinated, has not recovered or has currently tested positive is not allowed to enter a DPD location. This is checked and documented daily.

These measures ultimately serve the safety of our workforce, but also of our shippers and parcel consignees. At the same time, we ask all those involved to continue to adhere to recommended social distancing regulations when receiving or collecting parcels. We also hope you will understand that our personnel will not be required to present a new 3G certificate each time they enter a new location (e.g. for commercial pickups) during their shift.

The new regulations sometimes also have an impact on our DPD Pickup parcelshops. Various state governments (for example in Saxony) have adopted stricter measures. Accordingly, in some regions a 3G, sometimes even a 2G regulation applies to retail customers. Before picking up a parcel at a DPD Pickup parcelshop, please find out about the applicable Corona rules in your particular region.

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