Your parcels at a glance.

With the DPD App

Your parcels at a glance.

With the DPD App

With the multiple award-winning DPD App you never lose sight of your parcels. A push message informs you (as the recipient) about the status of the delivery.  Our Live-Tracking function shows you exactly where your parcel is. In addition, you can store your preferred parcelshop for delivery. Of course, you can also send your parcels directly via our app. Try it out right away.

3 reasons why you should use our app

Always informed by push

Get the latest information about your parcels anytime and anywhere.

4 stars for smart operation

Over 5 million customers give our app a 4 out of 5 star rating.

All for green delivery

Help us to reduce CO₂ emissions and specify a deposit okay or a favourite parcel shop.

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source

In Live-Tracking you can see exactly where your parcel is and when it will arrive. And with an accuracy of up to 30 minutes!

Redirection options
Use one of the 4 redirection options to specify yourself when or where we deliver your parcel.

With our delivery preferences you can specify where we deliver all your future parcels, e.g. to a favourite parcel shop.

Sending and returning parcels
With just a few clicks in our app you can easily send or return parcels

Download the app now and get started

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Do you already know our mobile parcel label?

Save paper and do something for the environment!

  1. Create a parcel label in the app or on the website.

  2. With the order confirmation, you will receive a mobile parcel label in addition to the parcel label as a PDF for printing.

  3. Show the digital parcel label when you drop off your parcel at the parcel store.

By the way: You can easily find the nearest parcel store using our parcel shop finder.

A prize-winning app

The DPD App has already received a number of awards. We owe part of this success to feedback provided by our users, which we constantly integrate in the further development of the app.

In 2016 the DPD App received the UX Design Award for outstanding design and ease of use.

And in one of Germany's most prestigious design competitions, the DPD App was honoured in 2018 for its intuitive design.

Frequently asked questions

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What codes can I scan?

You can scan the QR code on the parcel info card you found in your mailbox and get all the parcel details displayed. You can also scan the barcode on a parcel label.

Do I have to register in the DPD App in order to use its functions?

Of course, you can also use our app without registering. However, registration is necessary if you want to be notified as soon as a parcel is on its way to you or if you want to give us a deposit okay. Set your delivery preferences, such as your preferred parcel shop, permanently in your profile and we will deliver wherever you want!

Why does the time window for the delivery keep changing?

In DPD\'s Live-Tracking function you can follow your delivery and the related time window live. For this very reason it can happen that the time window changes slightly in the course of the delivery – for example if weather and/or traffic conditions lead to a delay. Alternatively it can also happen that our driver covers the route faster than planned, which means that we can deliver your parcel even earlier.

Do I have to activate my location to see the Live-Tracking?

Sharing your location will make it easier for you to find nearby parcel shops in the search function. But you can also make the search without sharing your location by entering your postcode or town.

What are the advantages of registering in myDPD?

These are the advantages of registering in myDPD or in our app: you will be notified as soon as a parcel is on its way to you and can store personal delivery preferences, such as a permanent deposit okay for all your future parcels, or the favourite parcel shop to which we should deliver when you are not at home.