What steps is DPD taking in response to the spread of the coronavirus?

DPD is helping to counteract the further spread of the coronavirus and protect its own workforce with a series of measures.

As a precautionary measure, personal confirmation of receipt by signature at the private front door is suspended for the time being. In addition, for the moment small, flat parcels of a suitable size can be put in the consignee's letterbox. We encourage customers and consignees to give us a deposit okay, so that no personal contact is necessary at all.

Employees whose presence on site is not required are working from home until further notice. Business trips are kept to a necessary minimum, and participation in large-scale events such as trade fairs has been suspended until further notice.

DPD is raising awareness among its staff, and especially among all delivery personnel, of appropriate hygiene measures. In addition, masks are mandatory at all locations, and strict distance and hygiene rules apply in all areas of the company premises. All locations are equipped with protective equipment and disinfectants in large quantities. When entering a DPD site, all workers are checked with fever monitors for a possible elevated body temperature in order to detect possible cases of COVID-19 even faster. Updated pandemic plans exist for all locations in order to maintain our service in the event of a further spread of the corona virus. In addition, DPD offers all employees the opportunity to take up to two free rapid tests per week at their individual location. This offer is made on a voluntary basis. In addition, DPD Germany is offering vaccination to local staff and workers at various locations.