How should I act as the consignee of a parcel?

According to all that is known so far, there is no increased health risk associated with signing on the handheld scanner. Based on current knowledge, transmission of the coronavirus through contact with parcel surfaces is extremely unlikely.

However, as a precautionary measure, personal confirmation of receipt by signature at the private front door is substantially suspended. In addition, for the moment small, flat parcels of a suitable size can be put in the consignee's letterbox.

In order to avoid direct contact as a precautionary measure, you as the consignee of the parcel can also help us in a very concrete way:

Provide us with a deposit okay, so that the delivery driver can leave the parcel without direct customer contact, for example in the garden shed, in the garage or in front of the apartment door. Observe the hygiene regulations and avoid any physical contact. This rule is also followed by our delivery personnel.

Despite the relaxed security measures nationwide, we ask our customers and parcel recipients to continue to adhere to recommended social distancing regulations.

Before picking up a parcel at a DPD Pickup parcel shop, please check what Corona rules apply in your particular region.