3D printing orders with DPD

DPD has launched a partnership with All3DP, a 3D printing portal.

Thanks to All3DP's Craftcloud our customers receive discounted access to a global network of 3D printing services. These offer a wide range of materials for every purpose. With just a few clicks you can upload a 3D model, select the best material and producer for your project and then order directly. Craftcloud enables you to order made-to-measure 3D parts easily and cheaply online.


Thanks to the collaboration between Craftcloud and DPD, you benefit from an additional 10% discount on all orders.

With the code DPD10 you will receive a 10% discount on your orders

What is 3D printing?

3D Druck 3D Druck

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process for producing three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. To produce a 3D printed object, layers of material are deposited on top of each other until the object is finished. Each of these layers can be regarded as a thinly sliced cross-section of the object.

This process allows both companies and private individuals to source high-quality, custom-made parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing methods. Whether prototypes or small production runs, 3D printing enables all industries to get their products to market faster.

The benefits to you


Quick and easy ordering

Quick and easy ordering of 3D-printed parts thanks to the dedicated Craftcloud platform


Lowest possible price

Thanks to a smart real-time price comparison


No interruptions in the supply chain

Thanks to easy access to hundreds of different producers worldwide


Exactly what you need

Thanks to the world's most extensive library of materials and finishes.

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Why is this relevant to the logistics industry?

  1. Parts or products are manufactured close to the customer, which reduces delivery times.

  2. More products are manufactured in or near Europe. This avoids long transport distances and helps to reduce CO₂ emissions.

  3. Thanks to customised parts and products there are not so many returns - which is good for the environment and for our customers.

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