31. October 2019 | Sustainability

Reward for CSR commitment: DPDgroup awarded the EcoVadis gold medal

For the third time in succession DPDgroup has been honoured for its commitment to sustainability. EcoVadis, an international rating platform for sustainability in global supply chains, has awarded the company its CSR gold medal.

The assessment for EcoVadis medals is based on four categories which also reflect the performance of DPDgroup: environment, working methods, fair business practices and sustainable procurement. In the overall classification DPDgroup improved its score from 63 to 67 points. As a result the group's rating rose to the "Advanced" level - in the previous year it was still "Moderate".

This confirms DPDgroup's leading role in the area of commitment to CSR issues: the company is among the top 4 percent in the industry.

In the CEP sector DPDgroup is the No. 1 in voluntary CO2 offsetting

The EcoVadis gold medal honours the success of DPDgroup's CSR strategy DrivingChangeTM. The guidelines of this strategy are carbon-neutral parcel transport, social responsibility, intelligent city logistics and innovative business operations.

In the field of carbon-neutral delivery in particular, DPDgroup is the leading operator in the sector. Between 2013 and 2018 it reduced its CO2 emissions by 15.2% - with a Europe-wide parcel volume of 1.2 billion requiring a total driving distance of over 7 million kilometres. This saved 45,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2018 alone.

At the same time, all transport-related CO2 emissions were voluntarily offset by investment in renewable energies, with funding going to support green energy projects in India and Brazil. As a result, DPDgroup alone offsets almost 3% of emissions on the European market, making it the No. 1 in voluntary CO2 offsetting in the CEP sector.

Further information on how DPDgroup acts responsibly can be found in the group's CSR Report for 2018.