17. January 2019 | Press release

DPDgroup reveals the latest tastes and habits of European e-shoppers

17 January 2019 - When purchasing online, the delivery company matters. 72% of e-shoppers consider it important to know the delivery company at the moment of purchase.

“For the third year in a row, DPDgroup’s e-shopper barometer continues to track and highlight outstanding e-commerce trends. Along with the continued growth in cross-border e-shopping and the rising importance of m-commerce, we have identified the recent emergence of yet another profile: the new buyer.

The report also reveals e-shoppers’ latest behaviours and expectations, such as concerns about payment security and data protection, the need for an easy returns process, and a clear desire to know the delivery company at the moment of purchase.”

- Jean-Claude Sonet, Marketing Director, DPDgroup.


Key take-aways

  • New buyers are demanding. 15% of e-shoppers started buying online less than two years ago. This group is a relatively small but important segment of e-shoppers. They have high expectations, compared to senior e-shoppers, because they want an easy online purchase experience. They also have strong social media activity, appreciation for loyalty programmes, propensity to return their orders and concerns about secure payment and personal data. As nearly half of them are heavy buyers, they represent an important source of momentum for the entire e-commerce market.
  • Cart abandonment and returns are inherent to e-shopping behaviours. Whilst 90% of e-shoppers interrupted their order, 41% came back to their shopping basket to complete the transaction. Equally, returns doubled over the past year from 5% to 10%. These online shopping patterns could be considered as a type of window shopping. This behaviour is a source of opportunities to engage with or reassure consumers, thus improving their e-shopping experience.
  • Cross-border is further developing. Around 58% of e-shoppers have bought goods from foreign websites, +6 pts vs 2016. Amongst cross-border buyers, one out of five online purchases is made on a foreign website. Most commonly e-shoppers purchase from neighbouring countries or Chinese websites for brands or deals unavailable locally. Of those who have never purchased from a foreign website, one third are thinking about starting.
  • M-commerce continues to grow. 46% of e-shoppers use a smartphone to buy online, +11 pts vs 2016. Smartphones are increasingly used to make online purchases, especially amongst heavy buyers and millennials, who are also more active on social media than ever. From developing dedicated apps and responsive sites to cultivating a positive online image and investing in social media advertising, mobility offers e-tailers endless opportunities to thrive.
  • When purchasing online, the delivery company matters. 72% of e-shoppers consider it important to know the delivery company at the moment of purchase. This desire is either due to a positive or a negative previous experience or because this knowledge is reassuring. Providing customers with a choice of delivery company could facilitate the decision to purchase and create satisfaction.


* Notes to editors
For further detail, the DPDgroup comparison tool, available at dpdgroup.com, allows readers to better understand the way in which each country fares based on a number of different criteria.

The 2018 edition of the DPDgroup e-shopper barometer report was conducted by Kantar TNS from 30 May to 12 July 2018. Blind interviews took place online amongst 24,328 participants across 21 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

All participants, aged 18 or over, had placed and received at least one online order for physical goods since January 2018.


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