6. September 2017 | Press release

New parcel sorting centre where three countries meet: start of DPD operations in Steinen

  • An investment of €16 million

  • Initially the new depot will employ 80

  • Important delivery base for Germany's south-west

Steinen/Aschaffenburg, 06 September 2017 – On 5 September international parcel and express service provider DPD Germany began operations at its new parcel sorting centre in Steinen, Baden Württemberg. DPD has invested around €16 million in its 78th depot. The new location near the Swiss border close to Basel will initially employ a workforce of around 80, but the operational capacity of the 30,000 m² site offers significant scope for expansion in the future.

"The new parcel sorting centre in Steinen represents an important base for deliveries to the south-west of Germany"

Thomas Ohnhaus, Regional Managing Director  at DPD Germany

"The new parcel sorting centre in Steinen represents an important base for deliveries to the south-west of Germany", explains Thomas Ohnhaus, Regional Managing Director at DPD Germany. "E-commerce in particular is providing us with more and more parcels every year, and that's why we're delighted that we now have such urgently needed additional capacity in this area close to the borders with France and Switzerland."

The aim of the new parcel distribution centre in Steinen is above all to relieve the pressure on the existing depot in Freiburg. From Steinen DPD will serve the south-west of Germany where three countries meet, together with the Upper Rhine area. The depot's field of operations also covers the southern Black Forest region as far down as Müllheim. Initially the Steinen depot will handle up to 10,000 parcels a day.

The investor in the construction project was DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing GmbH & Co. KG, while management of the construction site was implemented by DAL Bautec Baumanagement und Beratung GmbH. As the general contractor, LIST Bau Nordhorn GmbH & Co. KG ensured the turnkey handover of the new depot facilities after a construction period lasting only 10 months.

A prominent feature of the DPD depot in Steinen is its high standard of energy efficiency. For example, it has its own solar installation for water heating, together with an air-water heat pump for the central heating system. In addition the new depot will shorten travelling distances, which will reduce transport-related CO2 emissions. DPD's environmental and energy management system is certified to DIN 14001 and DIN 50001 standards, in line with DPD Germany's commitment to the implementation of carbon-neutral parcel shipping.


DPD in Steinen – facts and figures

  • Start of building operations: November 2016

  • Operational startup: 5 September 2017

  • Investment: €16 million, of this amount €13 million was invested in the land, building and outdoor facilities, together with €3 million in the technical equipment

  • Site area: 30,000 m²

  • Built-up / paved area: 21,100 m²

  • Workforce: 18 parcel handling/sorting personnel 60 to 100 delivery personnel

  • Initial daily parcel volumes: 10,000

Press contact

Peter Rey

Manager Media & Digital Relations

Photo: Ready to press the 'red button' to start operations at the new DPD depot (left to right): Andreas Brockhaus (Managing partner, LIST BAU Nordhorn GmbH & Co. KG), Rüdiger Bächle (Depot manager, DPD Germany), Thomas Ohnhaus (Regional manager, DPD Germany), Dirk Wagner (Regional manager, DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing), Stephan Männer (architect) and Gunther Braun (Mayor of Steinen).