Whether to France or Canada, to a neighboring country or to the hotspots of the world - ship your products worldwide.


DPD's international shipping service reliably delivers your parcels to their destination within Europe and worldwide - with Europe's strongest road network, four different shipping options and over 800 international locations

Your parcel contains visions, goals, dreams and passions.

We know how much work and passion goes into the production of your products. That's why we don't just transport a package from A to B, but your ideas that you want to bring into the world. Because in the end, it doesn't have to be big for it to mean the world to someone. Whether it's valuable handicrafts, stylish fashion trends, the technologies of the future or simply a piece of home. Your products inspire - not only in Germany, but beyond national borders. Let people get to know your passion.

We don't just carry parcels, we carry the world in a parcel.

Carrying Style


The latest fashion trend, vintage clothing, shoes or accessories? Bring your company's fashion to the international metropolises in Paris, New York or from Dortmund to Dubai.

Carrying Future


Is there a future in your products? Whether technology, electronics, in the medical sector or the automotive industry, we take them to countries with growth potential for your company.

Carrying Passion


Handmade instruments, a piece of homemade furniture or sustainable wine from the region? We promote your passion. Take the plunge and discover new markets with us in Europe and worldwide.

Your partner for international shipping



With 70,000 Pickup Parcel Shops in Europe and day-precise delivery to 28 European countries, we are ideally positioned. Worldwide, we ship to 220 different destinations with precise reliability. With our Predict Service, recipients know exactly when their parcel will arrive on the day of delivery.



122,000 international experts work as part of Geopost every day to ensure that your parcels arrive safely at their destination abroad. Thanks to our experience, we know what is important to you and your customers and also offer you four different options for flexible international shipping.



DPD is not only present in Germany but also in our neighbouring countries and throughout Europe. Together with Geopost we offer our customers the most efficient road network in Europe and have over 800 international locations worldwide. We are not only networked, but connected by parcels.

The three most important questions

Why are Europe and the world interesting for you?

Germany is a logistics hub in the middle of Europe. Our highly efficient logistics structures increase the international competitiveness of German industry and foreign trade. They ensure that it continues to be worthwhile for companies to produce in Germany and export the goods from here all over the world. Whether it's a traditional product or an innovative novelty - the right markets in Europe and worldwide are waiting to be discovered by you.

To what extent is it worthwhile to internationalise your business?

Whether hidden champion or global player - your company's products can open up new markets and market segments and help the company grow and develop undiscovered potential. Each country offers you a playground of different specifications and exciting structures. With us, you can find out where the products manufactured by your company are in particular demand and thus develop new target groups abroad. We will also be happy to provide you with information about our network and assist you with important questions, e.g. regarding export and customs regulations.

How can DPD support you in this?

As part of Geopost, we have access to one of the largest and most powerful road networks in Europe. With our Predict Service and 70,000 Pickup Parcel Shops across Europe, we ensure maximum flexibility and can deliver your parcels on the exact day. Companies can also choose between four different shipping options within Europe and worldwide - CLASSIC or EXPRESS. It is important to us that we work together personally and as equals. That's why we advise and accompany you as a partner in all steps of the international shipping process.

Send your products on their way

From A to Business - with Europe's strongest road network

From A to Business - with Europe's strongest road network

Geopost unites 30 business units within Europe. We can now even deliver to 28 European countries from Germany on the exact day.

Customer benefits
Your customers benefit from maximum stability and flexibility: with Europe's strongest road network and precise reliability.

Leadtime calculator
Use the leadtime calculator to find out exactly how long your parcels will take to travel to other European countries.

Shipping options
You can choose between two options for European shipping: Send with DPD CLASSIC or DPD EXPRESS.

From Stuttgart to Singapore - ship to 220 countries worldwide

From Stuttgart to Singapore - ship to 220 countries worldwide

We also ship by air, using free capacity in the cargo holds of aircraft that are heading to a destination anyway.

Whether Hong Kong, New York or Singapore, Canada, the Highlands or Down Under. Your products can reach any metropolis or region with us.

CLASSIC worldwide
Depending on size, weight and destination, you can send parcels worldwide with DPD CLASSIC and via our cooperation partner Aramex.

EXPRESS International
Or you would like to reach a specific destination as quickly as possible - then book our EXPRESS Shipping International.

CLASSIC worldwide

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