7. May 2019 | Update

7,000 new handhelds for DPD Germany's Pickup parcelshops: improved performance and a boost for retailers

International parcel and express service provider DPD is equipping all its Pickup parcelshops in Germany with an entirely new generation of hand-held scanners: by the end of the year DPD's parcel shop partners will successively receive almost 7,000 TC57 handhelds from Zebra Technologies, the leading international provider of technology for mobile data recording. The handhelds enable even faster and more efficient processing and make sending, receiving and returning parcels in the parcel shops even more convenient - both for DPD's shop partners and for the consumer. The software developed by DPD is also available as an Android app. This opens up new target groups and enables completely new future applications - for example in the case of private individuals who regularly take delivery of parcels for their neighbours. In addition parcel shop partners - especially larger retail chains - can if required also use their own Android-based devices to map parcel shop processes.

"Equipping our parcel shops with the very latest models available is an important step towards driving forward the digitalisation of our shop network and increasing operational quality even further," explains Peter Weilke, Group Manager Pickup Parcelshop at DPD Germany. "Even more than before, the focus is on making all the digital processes at our shops as fast and intuitive as possible. In addition the new scanning technology will be the basis for further innovations in our parcel shop network. This also applies to joint solutions with chain stores, which can now connect their devices and merchandise management systems much more easily to DPD's IT system".

"With our new technology we can help our parcel shop partners even better than before to link offline and online - for example in the form of click-and-collect solutions."

Peter Weilke, parcel shop services manager

The Android-based handhelds are equipped with newly developed software from DPD that ensures smooth parcel processing and complete documentation. The personnel in the shops are intuitively guided and instructed by the new devices. All this takes place at very high speed. The new software is not only installed on the handhelds, but is also available as an app for all Android devices. Parcel shop operations can therefore be implemented using a smartphone or other Android-based devices. Parcel shop partners, who often already work with Android devices in their branches, can accordingly integrate the shop software into their existing infrastructure if required. Conversely, DPD's Zebra handheld can also function as a technical platform for developing joint services. "With our new technology we can help our parcel shop partners even better than before to link offline and online - for example in the form of click-and-collect solutions," explains parcel shop services manager Peter Weilke. 

Will the "helpful neighbour" soon also become a parcel shop?

The option of app-based parcel shop software offers a completely new level of flexibility and opens up new target groups in the search for parcel shop partners. It is conceivable, for example, that private individuals will also use the software in the future. For example, a freelancer who is usually at home during the day could offer to serve as a drop-off point for parcels in the neighbourhood and take advantage of special incentives to do so. Today there are already many private individuals who accept parcels for their neighbours. An app could be used to control and document this process much better on the basis of clearly defined rules, which would be in the interest of all parties involved. "The traditional delivery to a neighbour is a favour that can no longer be taken for granted, especially in city centres," explains Peter Weilke. "We could create new incentives with an app that turns the neighbour into a parcel shop, so to speak. At the same time it would make the neighbourhood delivery process more reliable and connect it more closely to our digital platforms".

The TC57 from Zebra Technologies: cutting-edge mobile data processing

The new TC57 series parcel shop handheld from Zebra Technologies features a 5-inch touch display with optimum readability, a 13-megapixel camera and extremely fast, high-performance scanning. Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity provide reliable interfacing with DPD's IT system and rapid data availability for DPD's online shipment tracking service. The Android operating system facilitates intuitive operation. All in all, the TC57 helps to reduce the time required for parcel processing to a minimum. The latest Android version and the Enterprise services integrated into the device guarantee maximum data security and fully meet data protection requirements. With OVS (Operational Visible Services) and OVS Connect, Zebra Technologies provides DPD with an integrated device management platform with a single interface on a cloud-based portal - enabling an extremely transparent and efficient administrative solution.

The DPD parcel shop network

DPD currently has more than 6,500 Pickup parcelshops throughout Germany. They serve as a convenient pick-up point for all those who won't be at home at the time of delivery. The parcel shops also play an important role as an acceptance point for returns. In addition, consumers can pay the transport charge for their parcels online and then drop them off at a parcel shop for shipping. DPD operates a shop-in-shop concept: the individual locations are integrated into existing shops of a wide variety of types. It is therefore important for the additional time and effort required from shop operators to be kept to a minimum. In addition to payment for each individual parcel, the parcel shops benefit above all from increased customer footfall: many consignees who come to a branch to collect a parcel also generate additional sales there. For more and more partners this is a successful way to bring back to their stores all the online shoppers they have lost to e-commerce in recent years. With more than 42,000 Pickup parcelshops throughout Europe, DPD also offers a simple, convenient and flexible service for cross-border shipping. The Pickup parcelshops are closely interlinked thanks to their uniform infrastructure, modern IT equipment and harmonised services.