28. April 2021 | Update

Cooperation between digital experts: DPD Germany is a partner to dpd DRIVER’S RADIO

Since January 2021 the new digital radio station dpd DRIVER'S RADIO has been broadcasting nationwide via DAB+ and as an online stream. The still young programme is aimed primarily at people who are on the move, such as long-distance drivers, commuters, couriers or people heading for a holiday destination in their cars. The station provides the "best sounds for on the road" to all of them as a companion in their vehicle.

DPD Germany has been supporting the radio start-up as a cooperation partner since the beginning of the year. This partnership is based primarily on the closeness of the brand values of the two companies.

Both DPD Germany and dpd DRIVER'S RADIO are experts in sending and receiving. Both are on the road throughout Germany every day and reach millions of people across the whole spectrum of society – whether it's with parcel deliveries or radio broadcasts.

The radio programme is dedicated to questions relating to mobility, transport, technology, digitalisation and sustainability, in other words linking precisely those topics that also affect DPD Germany on a daily basis.

At the same time digital radio via DAB+ is a modern and forward-looking medium. As a digital innovation leader DPD Germany is always open to new technologies and trends. The cooperation with a nationwide digital radio programme underlines the mission of the international parcel and express service provider not just to observe the developments of digitalisation, but to actively participate in them and help to shape them.

Through its cooperation with dpd DRIVER'S RADIO, DPD Germany is accordingly demonstrating its commitment to technical innovation, new ideas, its own corporate values and its employees – who keep millions of shipments moving on Germany's roads every day – and to its own role as an indispensable provider of basic services at the heart of society.

For more information on the station's programme and reception, visit the website of our cooperation partner: dpd-driversradio.de.