21. April 2021 | Press release

Complete transparency for smooth shipping: DPD now certifies third-party shipping tools

Aschaffenburg, 22 April 2021 – In e-commerce, orders have to be easy to execute and at the end provide consignees with the desired goods quickly and conveniently. For this purpose there are so-called 'shipping tools' at the interface between the shipper and the parcel service which makes the delivery. This software transmits all the data which is relevant for the shipping of the parcel. The tools themselves are often integrated into shop systems or developed in-house by major shippers. DPD Germany is now introducing a certification process for such shipping tools to make sure that the data transfer via external solutions functions smoothly. The aim is to always ensure the best shipping solutions and connected third-party systems on the parcels market.

DPD Germany offers its customers and consignees its own shipping tools, which are used to transmit customer orders to DPD and create the corresponding parcel labels. However, some DPD Germany customers use systems from external providers to transmit their shipping orders, and these third-party systems have to be compatible with DPD systems. The reason for this is that only complete and error-free transmission of data records guarantees that shipping will be reliable, fast and convenient.

This is where DPD Germany's new certification process comes in. Within the process DPD checks the shipping system down to the last detail. Are parcel labels created in accordance with the current DPD parcel label specifications? Does the parcel label routing match the current route database? Is data transmitted in good time via a secure protocol? In addition, registered DPD customers take part in at least one four-hour certification workshop with a live demo and an assessment of all products. 

At the end of the process a ranking is created from the collected data. A shipping tool has to achieve at least 150 out of 500 possible points to receive the Bronze Partner certification. Silver Partner status is awarded from 300 points and Gold Partner ranking from 450 points. The certificate is valid for two years. After that a new test is necessary, for example to integrate new features and products. In this way DPD can in the long term ensure a high level of stability, quality and uniform standards in its cooperation with shipping system producers. Certification is free of charge for all participating customers and software providers.

E-commerce not only ensures steadily increasing parcel volumes, but is also continuously driving forward the digitalisation of retailing and logistics."

Ricarda Roth, Manager Customer Interface Technology at DPD Germany

Certification offers competitive advantages

All parties involved benefit from the certification: shipping system producers gain better positioning through the accreditation. This is a clear competitive advantage for small shipping system producers in particular and makes rapid expansion possible. In addition DPD lists certified producers as partners on its website. Certified shipping tools receive a personal logo which the tool provider can use for marketing purposes. Shippers, on the other hand, can rely on trouble-free data connection and order processing. With a certified shipping system, shippers have a clear overview of the products and services offered by the relevant tool.

"E-commerce not only ensures steadily increasing parcel volumes, but is also continuously driving forward the digitalisation of retailing and logistics. A professional IT connection has long been indispensable for parcel service providers so that they can process the volume and complexity of the transmitted data. We therefore rely on constructive dialogue with customers and providers of shipping tools, and at the same time aim to offer even more transparency and security with this certification," says Ricarda Roth, Manager Customer Interface Technology at DPD Germany.

Even more flexible shipping with myDPD

Customers who wish to make their parcel shipping not only simple but functional and flexible, can also use the myDPD platform as an interface instead of an external shipping tool. With just a few clicks they can keep an eye on all their shipments, track and manage them - on their PC as well as on mobile devices. In addition, myDPD provides business customers with additional functions such as shipping statistics, returns and parcel collection management as well as the administration of complaints.

With WebConnect DPD also links customers even more conveniently with shipping processes. The web service can be accessed via the SOAP network protocol, transmits all the relevant data to DPD in the shortest possible time and supplies the shipping customer with a ready-to-use label. The DPD Print software allows parcel labels to be printed professionally and makes work easier, especially with large parcel volumes.

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Image: E-commerce is dependent on an efficiently functioning digital infrastructure. To ensure that data transmission from shipping customers to DPD runs smoothly, the parcel service provider is now offering certification of shipping tools.