18. October 2022 | Press release

DPD and nebenan.de launch "Parcel neighbours" cooperation for reliable and sustainable deliveries

  • DPD expands its individual services for parcel consignees further

  • Rate of deliveries at the first attempt is effectively increased

  • Study shows that in their own absence, almost one person in two between the ages of 18 and 49 would like parcels to be left with someone they know


Aschaffenburg, 18th of August – For most parcel consignees the online purchase is only completed to their full satisfaction when they have been able to take delivery of the goods in person. However, the practical experience of DPD gathered over decades shows that for all kinds of reasons, in everyday life it is unfortunately not always possible to hand over a parcel to the actual consignee personally. Accordingly, to ensure that customers know their parcels are in safe hands even if they are not at home, DPD is now cooperating with nebenan.de, Germany's largest neighbourhood platform.

Protecting the climate and getting to know your new neighbours at the same time: thanks to the cooperation between DPD and the neighbourhood platform nebenan.de this will in future go hand in hand. DPD parcel consignees can now find their preferred neighbour on nebenan.de and ask directly whether the person involved can take delivery of a parcel which is on its way. With just a few clicks parcel consignees can now even reach neighbours who don’t live in their own building. Another advantage of the cooperation is more successful first-time deliveries, and consequently the reduction of environmentally harmful CO2 emissions.

"With this cooperation we are focusing strongly on innovation and sustainability. It is our clear goal to make the lives of parcel consignees easier by enabling them to network with the neighbourhood, and to make a difference in social and sustainability terms by achieving a high rate of deliveries at the first attempt."

Michael Knaupe, Chief Customer Experience & Business Development Officer at DPD Germany

A study[1] commissioned by DPD emphasises the relevance of the cooperation for individual parcel consignees. For example, almost every second person aged 18 to 49 has parcels delivered even during prolonged absences such as a holiday. However, the delivery of parcels to randomly selected neighbours is not very popular. Instead, when they themselves are away almost 50 percent of the participants in the survey would prefer their parcels to be left with neighbours they know personally. Only about twelve percent of the respondents were happy to have their parcels delivered to randomly selected neighbours. According to the study, almost half of the respondents have a guilty conscience if their parcel deliveries are left with such neighbours during an extended absence. DPD and nebenan.de have therefore launched the new delivery option in order to meet the need of parcel consignees for reliable delivery, to prevent pangs of conscience and to reduce the negative environmental impact of failed delivery attempts.

"The ‘Parcel neighbours’ project brings the neighbourhood closer together: neighbours get to know each other better first online then offline, and help each other in their everyday lives. This strengthens local solidarity," says Ina Remmers, founder of nebenan.de.

For more information on the topic of "Parcel neighbours", please see: Paketnachbar - DPD GERMANY


[1] On behalf of DPD Deutschland GmbH, Civey conducted an online survey of 5,000 German citizens aged 18 and over from 27 to 28 July 2022. The results are representative due to sampling and weighting, taking into account a statistical error factor of 2.5%.