4. October 2022 | Press release

The full service range for small and medium-sized enterprises: DPD now offers one-stop shopping for logistics and fulfillment

  • DPD groups the full spectrum from warehousing to delivery at central locations

  • Significant reduction in the workload of small and medium-sized companies

  • Fulfillment expert Walter Johne in charge of development


Aschaffenburg, 4.10.22 – Combined with today’s fluctuating order volumes, the rapidly increasing growth in e-commerce which has been experienced in recent years quickly drives SMEs in particular to the limits of their performance capabilities. They need to effectively process a large number of orders within a very short time in order to ensure a positive customer experience. However, many companies lack the necessary capacity for the time-consuming tasks of administration, warehousing and shipping. DPD now supports these companies as a partner with the required practical experience: the company is expanding its portfolio beyond its core logistics operations to include the full range of complex fulfillment services.

The current crises are presenting small and medium-sized enterprises with immense challenges. To ensure that the human and financial resources which are both important for long-term business development and in very short supply can be bundled efficiently, DPD has become the new point of contact for all aspects of the subject of fulfillment. With DPD customers know that they have an established and high-performance player at their side which can undertake and scale the full range of order picking, packaging, value-added services and shipping.

From now on DPD can take care of the entire package of order picking, packaging, value-added services and shipping. The fact that everything comes from a single source means that we are independent of other providers and can offer our customers flexible, requirements-based and above all efficient services.

Walter Johne, Director Filfillment, DPD

The natural link between DPD's fulfillment and parcel services divisions not only reduces dependence on external delivery services, but also gives customers the secure feeling that they have all the central aspects of their business concentrated in one place. The advantage here is that the internal handling of all the relevant processes enables late order acceptance, high efficiency through pre-selection and destination-based prioritisation of orders. A dedicated software programme can be used to manage the entire company inventory in a fully automated manner. This enables the customer, in close cooperation with DPD, to get the system up and running professionally within just eight weeks.

In order to successfully build up the DPD fulfillment division in the long term DPD recruited Walter Johne, who brings valuable expertise with him from his many years of working for the Fiege group. "I am delighted to be able to help shape the important and fast-growing area of fulfillment at DPD and to contribute my experience and know-how," says Johne, who holds the post of Director Fulfillment at DPD.