The successful reduction of emissions is not only a matter close to our hearts.

More and more people are consciously paying attention to their carbon footprint. You, too? We've got some top tips for the summer.

Zug Zug

You don't always need to fly

Why jet to Mallorca when you can also take a ferry and train to Sweden and canoe across huge lakes there? There are lots of fabulous destinations that can be reached without an aeroplane.

Filling up with sunshine

Many everyday objects such as mobile phones, laptops or even fans can be charged via solar power banks - the environment is grateful!

Fresh and tasty instead of lots of meat

In summer we prefer to eat light foods anyway, rather than dishes which are too greasy and too heavy. So treat yourself to a vegetarian meal more often - limiting your meat intake helps the climate more than you think!

A refreshing start to the day

A cold shower in the morning - in summer it really wakes you up, boosts your circulation and is good for your skin. And of course you save electricity as well.

Two wheels instead of four

Summer weather is bicycle tour weather. A trip to the countryside is even more fun if the excursion begins with the journey itself. No getting into an overheated car, no smell of exhaust fumes and no traffic jams - what more could you want?


You need a refreshment for the summer?

Here you can find our DPD summer smoothie!