Brexit: The latest information

Brexit: The latest information


On 31 January 2020 the United Kingdom (UK) left the EU and the trade agreement negotiated between the EU and the UK entered into force provisionally on 1 January 2021.

In principle, zero tariffs and zero quotas apply to goods of EU origin exported to the UK. The same applies to goods of UK origin imported into the EU. Exceptions apply to some groups of goods.

In spite of the agreement, all goods to and from the UK are subject to customs inspection.  For this reason it is necessary that you provide us with complete and accurate data on your shipments to and from the UK so that we can forward your shipment without delay.

On this page we provide you with all the important information about Brexit.

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Important information for shippers who use their own shipping systems

Please make sure that your shipping system is able to record the customs and shipment data required by the customs authorities and transmit the data to DPD. Our "File Format MPSEXPDATA 1.30" specification in the download area on this page will tell you step by step how to adapt your shipping system correctly. This is the only version that contains all the necessary system adjustments required in the course of Brexit.


Information on settlement after Brexit

Infografic Brexit

Medium (1068kb)


Information for shippers

File Format MPSEXPDATA 1.30

Small (229kb)


Checklist Brexit - 29.12.2020

Small (635kb)


HMRC-registration instructions - 29.12.2020

Medium (1078kb)


Register UK shipments correctly after Brexit - 17.02.2021

Medium (1229kb)


Information for consignees

How to avoid paying Dutch import VAT - 08.12.2020

Medium (3206kb)


Frequently asked questions from consignees

What will change for parcel consignees in Germany who are expecting a shipment from the UK?

Why do I have to pay more for the goods I order?

How is the additional amount to be paid calculated?

What is the composition of the administrative costs?

How are import duties calculated?