What are the focal points of the foundation's work?

DPD Germany is committed to acting as a proper and conscientious member of society and to assuming social responsibility - above and beyond its actual core business.

The focus of the DPD Foundation's commitment is threefold: firstly, the DPD Relief Fund, which is integrated into the foundation, helps employees, transport operators, delivery personnel and sorting hall operators and their relatives who suddenly find themselves in an emergency situation through no fault of their own. At the same time the DPD Foundation sponsors the children's aid organisation Plan International.  DPD Deutschland GmbH apprentices are actively involved as sponsors and interact with the children from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In addition, the DPD Foundation supports the Plan International aid organisation in projects in Africa, commencing in Rwanda from 2016 to 2021 in children's and youth education projects. After these projects were successfully implemented and completed, with the prospect of having created good opportunities for young people in the long term, since January 2022 the focus of the commitment has been on Malawi. The projects there are all about food security in times of climate change.