28. January 2019 | Update

Prize-winning: DPD App wins 2019 German Excellence Award

13 awards, 26 million users, use of nearly 10 million delivery options: the DPD App impresses digital experts as well as parcel consignees. The prestigious jury of the 2019 German Excellence Awards was full of praise and voted DPD first in the "Apps" category. The experts surrounding former Economics Minister and Minister President Wolfgang Clement were particularly impressed by the "high degree of flexibility and ease of use" with which DPD makes it possible to manage and track parcel deliveries digitally. In addition to the German Excellence Award, the other awards won by DPD for its digital services include the Digital Leader Award, the German Design Award Germany's Prize for Online Communication.

An increase of 19 %: digital delivery options are popular with consignees

A glance at the following figure shows how much the DPD App is in demand among parcel consignees: in 2018 alone, the use of its digital delivery options rose by a massive 19 percent to just under 10 million. These options enable consignees to conveniently adapt parcel deliveries to their individual needs. They can, for example, choose delivery to a parcel shop, a ParcelLock box or to a neighbour. A deposit okay ("Please leave the parcel in the garden shed") is also possible, as is the postponement of the day of delivery. A core element of DPD's digital services is not least the delivery time forecast, which is accurate to one hour. In map-based live tracking, consignees can actually see how far away the driver is.

Four out of five stars: 26 million active users are highly satisfied

In total the DPD App and the DPD Parcel Navigator have around 26 million active users. 1.5 million DPD customers have already signed up to register individual preferences for their parcel delivery. The possibility of providing a digital service rating has already been used 2 million times. On average, DPD's parcel shipping services receive 4 out of 5 possible stars. For DPD, however, these success figures are no reason at all to rest on its laurels: the international parcel and express service provider is continuously developing the functionalities of the DPD App and has announced that it will soon be providing its users with additional options for the digital management and tracking of their parcels.