17. October 2022 | Interview

DPD "Future Talk" - Episode 3

In our new "Future Talk" series, we want to talk about the future. Whether in the field of city logistics and sustainable mobility, digital solutions, forward-looking delivery processes or innovative product developments. Once a month, we ask our experts in a wide range of business disciplines what the future looks like for them. What do they envision for the year 2050? And how do they want to make it happen?

The third episode is answered by Albay Saglam. Albay is a quality representative at DPD Germany.

Three questions for Albay Saglam

Future Talk Albay Future Talk Albay

Three questions for Albay Saglam


For me the future is …

... the perfect networking and interlinking of processes and objects in intralogistics - a "Depot 4.0", so to speak. A highly digitalised warehouse packed with innovative technologies in which, for example, repetitive and physically demanding tasks are carried out by smart automation solutions.


By 2050 I would like to see…

... smart navigation technologies across the board in all DPD depots, which make possible the use of driverless transport systems without any problems. The reason for this is simple: thanks to the operational test of the autonomous Loadrunner transport vehicles in Cologne-Porz, I was recently able to experience at first-hand and with great enthusiasm how swarm robotics can function in our warehouses.

What are we doing to achieve this?

We are already investing consistently in the skills of our workforce. This is because one thing is clear: even the most modern depot in the world needs human creativity. In order for us to remain the drivers of innovation in the logistics industry, we need more than ever to inspire the young talents of tomorrow with our ideas.