22. November 2023 | Service tips

Packed correctly: DPD provides tips for a safe gift delivery

Aschaffenburg, November 22nd, 2023: The Christmas season is just around the corner and this year millions of people would like to surprise their friends, relatives and loved ones with a gift. To mark the occasion, DPD has extended its offer to send parcels from a price of 3.29 euros. To ensure that the gift arrives safely with the recipient, shippers should observe the following packing tips before handing it in at one of the more than 7,700 DPD Pickup parcelshops:

The shipping carton must be stable and undamaged in order to bear the weight of the parcel contents. It is possible to reuse used cardboard boxes and is recommended in terms of sustainability. However, the sender should remove any old barcode stickers or at least make them unrecognisable.

From drop-off at the DPD Pickup parcelshop to delivery to the desired address, a parcel passes through at least one automatic parcel sorting system. For this reason the outside of the parcel must never be decorated with wrapping paper or ribbons. These decorations can get caught in the conveyor belts and damage the parcel. The following therefore applies: always send Christmas parcels without external decorations and instead decorate the inside of the parcel lovingly.

Cavities in the parcel should be generously padded so that the contents have as little room for manoeuvre as possible. DPD also recommends that fragile contents such as glass or porcelain should not come into direct contact with the shipping box. Bubble wrap or alternatively paper padding are suitable materials to ensure that these items are shipped safely.

The parcel label must always be affixed to the largest surface of the package. If the parcel label is completed by hand, it must be in block letters. In addition, no pen names should be entered on the parcel label, as these are often not noted on the ID card. In this case the staff in the DPD Pickup parcelshops and the delivery staff are not authorised to hand over the parcel to the consignee. The parcels should therefore be addressed to the clear name on the ID card.

Further information on the subject of packaging tips can be found here: Packaging tips: Secure shipping | Support » DP (dpd.com).

Marian Pawelka

Specialist Public Relations