9. December 2022 | Service tips

Well-packed and correctly labelled: ensuring that Christmas parcels arrive safely with DPD

In the run-up to Christmas DPD delivers around two million parcels every day. To ensure that all their presents arrive under the Christmas tree on time and intact, customers should follow some important tips and tricks for their packing and labelling.

The most important factor for the safe transport of Christmas parcels is that the packaging is suitable for the weight of its contents. This is because it must be able to withstand the stresses caused by automatic and mechanical transport operations. For this reason the outside of the parcel must not be decorated with wrapping paper or ribbons – these decorations could get caught in the parcel sorting systems. Instead, close the outer packaging securely and reinforce all its edges with adhesive tape. Used outer packaging, fasteners and padding should be checked for possible damage before re-use, and repaired or replaced if necessary.

No empty spaces in the parcel

The contents must not be able to move around inside the packaging. The inner packaging should be chosen in such a way that the most delicate goods are optimally protected and don't come into contact with the outer packaging. Existing empty spaces can be padded with newspaper, for example, so that the contents of the carton have as little room to move as possible.

In addition, the parcel must be labelled with a clear and precise consignee address. The DPD parcel label or the shipper's own address stickers should always be applied to the largest surface of the parcel, and must not be covered by packaging string or markings. Existing barcodes should also be removed, so that the addresses of the shipper and the consignee are clearly legible. If these tips and tricks for sending parcels are followed, nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed Christmas full of festive cheer. DPD wishes all its customers a merry and memorable Christmas!