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Help on the DPD App

Here you will find questions and our answers relating to the DPD app. We provide help on technical problems and explain important functions.

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What are the benefits of registering? Can I also redirect the parcel without registering?

By registering you can take advantage of all the benefits provided by the app: your personal address book, automatic notification of incoming parcels, your delivery preferences and notification settings. You can cancel your registration at any time. Of course you can also track and redirect your parcel live as a guest, by entering the parcel number and the postcode of the consignee address.

Can I download addresses from my contacts?

We protect your data. It is therefore not possible to access your contacts.

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Do I have to register in the DPD App in order to use its functions?

Of course, you can also use our app without registering. However, registration is necessary if you want to be notified as soon as a parcel is on its way to you or if you want to give us a deposit okay. Set your delivery preferences, such as your preferred parcel shop, permanently in your profile and we will deliver wherever you want!

How can I provide authorisation to deposit (deposit okay)?

To issue a deposit okay for all your future parcels, register in myDPD or the DPD App, or log in and enter the desired location in your "Preferences", for example in the garage or carport. When filling in the online form, please make sure that the desired safe place is described briefly and concisely, is at the delivery address, is secure and is not mobile. In addition, the deposit okay can't be used as a power of attorney for other persons. For this purpose, please download our power of attorney form.

What are the advantages of registering in myDPD?

These are the advantages of registering in myDPD or in our app: you will be notified as soon as a parcel is on its way to you and can store personal delivery preferences, such as a permanent deposit okay for all your future parcels, or the favourite parcel shop to which we should deliver when you are not at home.

What codes can I scan?

You can scan the QR code on the parcel info card you found in your mailbox and get all the parcel details displayed. You can also scan the barcode on a parcel label.

How can I fill out a mobile parcel label?

As a private shipper you can create a parcel label in myDPD. Follow the steps in the order process and select the option "Mobile parcel label" at the printing stage for the parcel label. You then show the digital parcel label generated with a QR code on your smartphone when you hand in the parcel for shipping from the shop. This saves paper and conserves resources - for our planet.

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Why is the live-tracking not shown to me?

Live-Tracking is only available when your parcel is in the delivery vehicle. If the sender has activated the Predict service for your parcel, we will notify you by email or text message about the delivery and the availability of Live-Tracking. If this is not the case, you can track the status at any time by entering the parcel number in myDPD or in our app.

Which operating systems are supported in the DPD App?

The DPD app can always be used in the most up-to-date version possible for Android and iOS.

Why do some options appear shaded in grey?

Options which are shaded in grey are currently not available. As a rule options are not available because of the product which has been selected.

The app keeps crashing. What can I do?

We are constantly improving our app and regularly release updates. To make sure that apps continue to work as usual, you should always keep your operating system up to date. You can also check in the Android and iOS apps whether you have installed the latest version of the app or whether an update is available in the app store. If the app does not work despite having the latest version, we recommend closing the app again and restarting it. Restarting the smartphone can also help to restore the function.

Why does the app need access to my location?

If you enable our app to find your location we can automatically display the Pickup parcelshops in your area. Even if you don\'t wish to share your location with us, you can of course also enter your location manually in the search function and find local Pickup parcelshops. Depending on the operating system used it is possible that some functions will not be available to you if you don\'t share your location with us.


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