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Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions by developers about interfaces and plugins, as well as about the route database.

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What interfaces does DPD provide?

DPD offers SOAP-based web service interfaces. Using the DPD Converter, data can be exchanged with DPD in EDIFACT formats such as IFTSTA or IFTMIN, or in an individual file format such as XML, CSV, ASCII, SAP iDoc, Excel, VDA or PDF.

What materials management systems are supported by DPD?

DPD supports all merchandise management system which enable an exchange of information via CSV, MPSEXPDATA or XML.

Which DPD shipping solution is best for me?

DPD offers locally installable software tools and web-based interfaces. Unfortunately we can\'t give a general recommendation. We have compiled an overview of our diverse solutions for you on the IT connections page.

What plugins does DPD provide?

In order to professionally connect your shop to the DPD system, DPD provides various plug & play solutions from its partners. A list of the possible plugins and further information can be found in the Overview.

How does the XML interface have to be structured?

You will find examples and detailed information on the structures of the interfaces in the Developer area.

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What is the DPD Route Database?

  • The Route Database makes sure that your parcels are managed as efficiently as possible within the DPD system and sent by the optimum route – which ensures that delivery times within Germany and throughout Europe are as fast as possible.

  • In order to make sure among other factors that our automated sorting systems can take care of this, the correct and up-to-date route has to be printed on the DPD label.

  • In local and long-distance transport DPD regularly optimises its shipping operations on the basis of the latest parcel volumes and parcel streams. To make sure that parcels can be sent on the fastest possible journey, the DPD Route Database also has to be updated regularly.


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