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Help on the subject of Pickup parcelshops

Here you will find questions and our answers relating to Pickup parcelshops. For example, you can find out how you can send and receive DPD parcels at one of our more than 7,900 parcel shops, or how you can open your own Pickup parcelshop.

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Where can I find a Pickup parcelshop?

Find the parcel shop near you in our Pickup parcelshop Finder. You can send or redirect your parcel to your favourite parcel shop.

What does the Red Star in the Address field of the Pickup parcelshop mean?

The red star indicates your favourite parcel shop. Your favourite parcel shop serves as the delivery destination for parcels that you are unable to take delivery of at home. You can change your favourite parcel shop at any time and as often as you like under "Delivery preferences".

Can I enlarge the map in the parcel shop finder?

Yes, with a click/tip on the map it magnifies.

What do the filters within the parcel shop finder mean?

With the filters you can see which offers are possible in the parcel shop.

Where is the distance calculated from?

The distance is calculated from your activated location.

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How do I report a complaint?

As a consignee, please report your complaint to your shipper, who has all the necessary documents. If you are a business shipper, please report your complaint using the complaint form in myDPD in the 'orders' section. If you do not have access to myDPD,  contact our customer service. Please have the delivery note, the handover receipt and your commercial invoice ready.

If I wish to send a parcel from a Pickup parcelshop, what dimensions are accepted?

The maximum weight is 20 kg and the maximum length 100 cm. Here you'll find our practical parcel size calculator.

What does Pickup refer to?

Pickup is the name for the parcel shop network operated by Geopost.

What can I do if the opening hours of a Pickup parcelshop do not match those shown on the website?

Please feel free to contact us, we will check your reference and update our data.

Where is the nearest Pickup parcelshop to me?

Our Pickup parcelshop finder will enable you to find the Pickup parcelshop in your area. Choose your preferences from 7,900 Pickup parcelshops in Germany and all throughout Europe.

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How long will my parcel be stored at the Pickup parcelshop?

Parcels which are delivered to the Pickup parcelshop are stored there for 7 calendar days. Calendar days are every day of the week, including Sunday.

Can I also send via the parcel shop?

Yes, you can not only receive parcels, but also send them in our Pickup parcelshops. Returns and parcels that are provided with an online and paid parcel voucher can be placed in any of our shops.

Can I collect my parcel from the parcel shop without a parcel notification card?

Yes, you can also collect your parcel from the Pickup parcelshop without the parcel notification card. We simply need proof of identity in the form of your ID card, for example. If someone else collects your parcel for you, this person must also provide proof of identity, together with the authorisation form filled out by you.

When will my parcel be ready for collection from the parcel shop?

As soon as we have delivered your parcel to the Pickup parcelshop it will be ready for collection. You will receive notification by email and/or SMS. You can also check the status of your parcel at any time by means of the DPD app, myDPD or our parcel tracking function.

Can I collect a parcel for a family member or a friend?

Yes, you are welcome to collect parcels for a family member, friend or acquaintance. To do so you will need proof of identity and an authorisation form filled out by the consignee of the parcel.

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How can I become a parcel shop partner?

We are delighted that you wish to become part of our network. You can find out about the benefits available to our partners and apply directly online here.

Can I suggest a store as a possible parcel shop?

Do you know a store (copy shop, drugstore etc.) in your neighbourhood which would be a suitable parcel shop? You are welcome to propose it to us using our online form – we appreciate your tips and suggestions.


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