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Help on the subject of sending parcels

 Here you will find questions and our answers relating to the subject of sending parcels: from initiating the shipping order via the maximum permitted weights and dimensions for DPD parcels right across to our parcel tracking function.

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What shipping documents are required in international shipping?

If you ship express parcels within the EU, please note that a consignment note showing the contents of the goods in English must be attached in triplicate. If you ship to countries which are not members of the EU, you will need specific documents. Our shipping planner will show you by individual country which documents you need for your international shipping.

How long does the national/international shipping take?

With the lead time calculator (worldwide) you have the possibility to see the shipping time for each individual country worldwide.

With the lead time calculator (Europe) you have the possibility to calculate the shipping time for each individual country in Europe to the exact day and at zip code level.

When will the shipment be delivered?

For shipments within Germany, the standard delivery time is one to two working days (Mon-Fri) after the shipment is made available to DPD for shipping. For international shipments, the standard delivery time varies depending on the country of delivery. DPD\'s Express Service offers faster delivery.

What does the shipping planner do?

Our shipping planner helps you prepare your parcel for international shipping. Simply enter the type of goods, country of origin and destination, as well as the value of the goods, and you will then receive all the necessary information, such as the required shipping documents and invoice information. Select your destination country and you will receive the necessary instructions.

Where can I place my parcel?

You can leave the parcel in any pickup parcelshop. Where the nearest parcelshop is in your area, see our Parcelshop Finder.

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What is the maximum shipping weight?

Parcels delivered directly to the consignee can be shipped up to a weight of 31.5 kg. When sending parcels to a Pickup parcelshop, the maximum weight is 20 kg.

How heavy can my parcel be?

Parcels which are picked up from you can weigh up to 31.5 kg. The maximum weight for parcels which are handed in for shipment at a Pickup parcelshop is 20 kg.

How do I calculate the size of my parcel?

You can calculate the size of your parcel by adding together the shortest and the longest side of the parcel. In myDPD and the DPD App you can easily calculate your parcel size by entering your parcel dimensions (length x width x height).

What does "girth" mean?

The girth is the maximum permitted parcel size. It is calculated as follows: (height + width) x 2 + length of the parcel in cm. You can calculate this conveniently online in our girth calculator.

What is the volumetric weight? And how do I calculate it?

The volumetric weight indicates the amount of cargo space a parcel takes up and is calculated for DPD Express parcels, which are transported by airfreight. The volumetric weight is only calculated if it exceeds the actual weight. You can calculate the volumetric weight conveniently in the DPD volumetric weight calculator. Or with the formula: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/5,000 (cm³/kg).

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What is DPD 8:30?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 8:30 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

What is DPD Express International?

DPD Express is worldwide express delivery, fast and reliable.

What is DPD mail?

DPD Mail is the transport of business mail at home and abroad at a discount rate.

What is DPD 12:00?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 12:00 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

What is DPD 18:00?

If it has to go very fast: Express delivery by 18:00 hrs on the next working day. Shipping is from monday to friday.

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What is proactive notification?

We will inform you when your parcel has been delivered.

What does 'predict' mean?

Predict is our service, with which we tell the recipient on the day of delivery exactly when his parcel comes. In live tracking, the time window even updates to up to 30 minutes.

What does not free mean?

The consignee pays the shipping charge upon receipt of the consignment (only for customers entitled to receive ex-works parcels).

What is the express delivery on Saturday?

Delivery of business parcels on Saturday with DPD 12:00 with pickup the day before. If the parcel arrives earlier in the depot, it isn\'t stored until Saturday, but is delivered on the next business day.

What is parcel shop delivery?

Delivery is made to a Pickup parcelshop that you have specified. Your recipient will be notified by SMS or e-mail as soon as the parcel can be picked up.

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The status of my parcel has not changed for a long time. What could be the reason for this?

The GPS signal can fail or the driver is making an extensive stop. If the parcel status does not change for several hours, please contact our customer service with the parcel number.

Does the recipient receive a message about when my parcel will reach him?

If you use our \"predict \" service and the e-mail address or mobile phone number of the recipient has been deposited, the recipient will receive a notification of delivery-to the hour exactly. He can then redirect the parcel as it suits him.

Can I track the parcel live as a shipper?

Your consignee can track the delivery live in the DPD App. For you as the shipper, we have provided the entire parcel history in the shipper tracking service.

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AES stands for \"Automated Export System\", ECS for \"Export Control System\". Both are abbreviations for an international IT project which has been initiated for the export field by the European Commission in cooperation with member states. The AES integrates the acceptance of electronic export declarations and the electronic data interchange between the customs office of export and the customs office of exit from the EU. In Germany the name of the corresponding IT process is ATLAS. With effect from 01 July 2009 the ATLAS electronic export process replaced the previous paper-based export procedure. This means that from 01 July 2009 the electronic exchange of data with the customs authorities became binding for companies which operate in international trade. The electronic transmission of export data between the various national processing systems is implemented via ECS.


The Movement Reference Number (MRN) is the registration and identification number provided by the customs authorities. This number enables shippers to monitor the status of their shipments at all times. The MRN appears in the top right-hand corner of the Export Accompanying Document (EAD) which the shipper receives from the customs office, and is an 18-digit chain of numbers and letters as well as a barcode. This number initiates the export procedure and enables the shipment of the parcel. Without an MRN it is not possible for a certificate of export to be issued.

EORI number

  • The EORI number (Economic Operators\' Registration and Identification) is the successor of the customs number at the European level. It serves to identify economic operators and to simplify automated customs processing.

  • EORI numbers are allocated by the customs authority and are required for customs processing within the European Union.

  • The EORI number can contain up to 17 digits. It begins with the two-digit country ISO code of the relevant member state. You can check on the central EU database if an EORI Number. has already been generated for your company.

  • Indicating their EORI number is mandatory for economic operators. Private individuals are not obliged to enter an EORI number in customs declarations. If the goods to be exported require a permit, however, then even private persons have to enter an EORI number.

  • In cross-border parcel shipping the EORI number is mandatory for customs processing.

Exports under 1.000 EUR

For goods shipments with a value of less than 1,000 EUR there is the option of a verbal declaration. A verbal declaration is a physically expressed declaration of intent and is restricted to special cases (see directive on implementation of the customs code, Customs code DVO Article 226). A commercial invoice or pro forma invoice is sufficient for the verbal declaration. For this purpose the EORI system (Economic Operators\' Registration and Identification System) is being launched for companies, for the purpose of transmitting the data to the EU. The economic operators\' data is saved under the so-called EORI ID number. In accordance with the directive on export trade AWV § 4c (3), an export shipment is defined as \"the quantity of goods which an exporter exports at the same time via the same customs office of exit for the same country of destination\". This means that all shipments which are sent to the same consignee on the same day have to be combined. If the combined goods value is greater than 1,000 EUR an export declaration with an MRN (movement reference number) has to be drawn up for these shipments.

Export Accompanying Document (EAD)

The Export Accompanying Document (EAD) replaces the existing declaration on the Single Administrative Document (Form 0733). You will receive the EAD with the Movement Reference Number (MRN) which is required for the export of the goods after the export declaration has been processed successfully by the responsible customs office.


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