1. March 2023 | Press release

DPD E-Shopper Barometer: second-hand products boom in times of crisis

  • DPDgroup has surveyed almost 24,000 participants in 22 European countries

  • Two-thirds of respondents are increasingly buying used products from private sellers

  • Expectations of delivery services are rising: a choice of delivery slots and predicted delivery times are important

Aschaffenburg, March 2nd 2023 – People all over Europe are increasingly turning to second-hand items in times of crisis. This is a key finding of the E-Shopper Barometer survey, which DPDgroup uses every year to study the purchasing behaviour of online shoppers throughout Europe. The trend towards shopping on the Internet is as strong as ever, while expectations placed on delivery services have also risen: more and more shoppers expect to be able to choose a time slot for their delivery, and to be informed in advance about the exact time their parcels will arrive.

This time almost 24,000 people from 22 European countries took part in the annual survey commissioned by DPDgroup. The results are unambiguous, and indicate that online shopping continues to be highly popular. In Germany alone around 80 per cent of respondents regularly shop online, and receive an average of seven deliveries per month. There has also been a strong increase in consumer-to-consumer sales, with customers opting for second-hand goods in particular. The decisive factor here is the overall current economic instability and uncertainty, which is reflected in increased price sensitivity. More than two thirds of the respondents state that they are buying more second-hand products because they are cheaper. At the same time, customers are also influenced by the fact that second-hand shopping with its positive effects on the environment and the climate are a form of responsible consumption.  

Overall, the expectations of online shoppers with regard to their purchases and deliveries have become more demanding: 60 per cent of those surveyed said that they made their choice of online shop dependent on the available delivery options. The key to customer satisfaction is the plannable scheduling of deliveries: online shoppers expect to be able to choose a suitable time slot and to be informed in advance about the exact time their parcel will reach them.

"We experience these very same expectations in direct contacts with customers," says Michael Knaupe, Chief Customer Experience & Business Development Officer at DPD Germany, adding: "This is why we have further fine-tuned the shipment tracking which DPD offers. With map-based live tracking, consignees can see exactly when their parcel will arrive, down to the last 30 minutes. The associated live tracking icons can be individually modified at the customer's request, and are adapted to the season several times a year. In addition, within ten European countries we can guarantee reliable delivery times that are precise to the very day."

Changes are also becoming apparent in the choice of delivery location. Although the preferred place is still the consignee's own front door, other options – so-called "out-of-home" solutions – are also being used increasingly and readily. In this case, customers also expect a variety of options to adapt the delivery to their individual situation. "We're delighted that these services are becoming increasingly popular, because delivery to a shop also means less delivery traffic in urban areas," says Michael Knaupe. DPD offers 70,000 Pickup parcelshops across Europe, with more than 7,700 of them in Germany alone. These are to be further expanded and supplemented by additional options such as parcel lockers.