5. June 2019 | Press release

Sending and receiving parcels via netID: DPD Germany integrates netID login button into its digital services

  • Login via netID now available for DPD Germany's digital services

  • DPD is the world's first parcel service to implement the netID login button operationally

  • Alternative to US-dominated single sign-on offerings provides convenient and data-secure online shopping across the entire customer journey

 Aschaffenburg, 5 June 2019 – DPD Germany is the first parcel service worldwide to use the open single sign-on service netID: the login via netID is now available in the DPD App as well as in myDPD. In these applications the international parcel and express service provider DPD bundles numerous functionalities relating to sending, receiving and returning parcels. As a partner to the European netID Foundation DPD is one of the first providers to offer netID to its customers and interested parties. Anyone with a netID account - for example with WEB.DE, GMX or 7PASS - can log into the digital services provided by DPD and all other netID partners without additional registration. The open login standard netID focuses on the data sovereignty of each individual user and enables users to organise their accounts in a transparent and data protection-compliant manner at all times. Accordingly netID also regards itself as a reliable European alternative to US-dominated solutions.

"The integration of netID helps us to make the use of our digital services even easier, safer and more transparent."

Michael Knaupe, Director Customer Experience & Communications at DPD Germany

"The integration of netID helps us to make the use of our digital services even easier, safer and more transparent," explains Michael Knaupe, Director Customer Experience & Communications at DPD Germany. "Online shoppers also benefit from the fact that the entire customer journey can be accompanied with netID as the login standard: from placing an order with an online retailer to management of the delivery and the convenient return of the goods if necessary".

 Sven Bornemann, CEO of the European netID Foundation, adds: "With the intelligent integration of netID into its logistics systems DPD is demonstrating the possibilities of an open, across-the-board standard. Beyond the mere login, companies can also integrate their fulfillment partners even more efficiently. At the same time netID partners can offer their customers smart new services."

In the DPD App and in myDPD registered users can pay online for the parcels they wish to ship within Germany and to other EU countries, use the digital parcel label to send off a shipment from a nearby Pickup parcelshop, or request the pickup of a parcel. All it now takes is a login with netID - without the time-consuming need for further registrations. In addition, the DPD App and myDPD provide registered users with further useful functions. For example, they can issue a permanent deposit okay online. Parcels are then automatically left at the desired location (e.g. in the garage or garden shed) when the consignee is not at home. Other individual preferences, such as redirecting parcels to a freely selectable nearby parcel shop, can also be arranged in this way.

Thanks to netID, parcel shipping with DPD is also more convenient because the user's delivery data can be stored directly in the checkout if desired. With participating online retailers it is then no longer necessary for users to register in the shop or enter their address data. Very soon it will also be possible for logged-in netID users to switch from other websites to the DPD applications. One example is the integrated parcel tracking for the users of the online communication services GMX and WEB.DE. In the "intelligent mailbox" an AI-based algorithm automatically identifies all order-relevant emails, supplements them with tracking information from DPD and displays them in an easily understandable way. In future logged-in users will be able to switch to myDPD directly from their mailbox in order to manage their parcels there - to store individual preferences, for example.

netID: new login standard with strong partners

The European netID Foundation was founded in March 2018 by the media group RTL Deutschland, ProSiebenSat.1 and United Internet with the brands WEB.DE and GMX. The foundation's goal is to establish netID as a single sign-on which offers a European alternative to those of US providers. With netID, users can organise their consent to the use of Internet services in a data protection-compliant and transparent manner in a privacy centre. Together the initiators of the foundation have more than 38 million active accounts. The European netID Foundation is very much open to further partners and other initiatives. The partners who already offer a login via the netID button include – in addition to retailers such as C&A and Calida – a number of media services such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Kabel1 and merkur.de.

Award-winning customer experience: the DPD App

On Android and iOS DPD App users have access at all times to the company's digital services for sending, receiving and returning parcels. The core element of DPD's digital services is a delivery forecast which is accurate to one hour. In addition, consignees can use map-supported live tracking to check exactly how far away the delivery driver is. Thanks to this maximum transparency consignees are able to estimate with precision whether they will be at home when the delivery is due. If they won't be at home they can simply postpone the delivery day - or choose an alternative delivery option. In this way DPD's digital services offer the greatest possible flexibility: taking delivery of parcels can be easily integrated into the everyday routine of consignees. Further features such as a digital service rating or providing a tip for the delivery driver via PayPal round off the functionalities of the DPD App and myDPD. DPD has already received numerous awards for these digital services - 13 times in the last four years alone. DPD was among the winners of the Digital Leader Award, the German Design Award and, most recently, the German Excellence Prize in early 2019.

All the functions of the app are also available in the online portal myDPD. Both applications have a total of 26 million active users. 1.9 million users have already registered in order to store individual preferences for their parcel deliveries. The possibility of a digital service rating has been used 2.3 million times, with users providing an average of 4 out of 5 possible stars for DPD's parcel shipping services.