27. March 2023 | Interview

DPD "Future Talk" – the sixth episode

In our " Future Talk" series we talk about the future, whether it's in the area of city logistics and sustainable mobility, digital solutions, forward-looking delivery processes or innovative product developments. Once a month we ask our experts in various business disciplines what the future looks like for them. What is their vision for the year 2050? And how do they aim to realise it?

In the sixth episode we talk to Thomas Peter. Thomas is Chief Compliance Officer and Occupational Health and Safety Operations Manager at DPD Germany.

Three questions for Thomas Peter

Future Talk Future Talk

Three questions for Thomas Peter


For me, the future is ...

… closely linked to the conviction that we no longer just talk about a healthy work-life balance in this country, but that it is a lived reality. Because one thing is clear: A perfect balance between private and professional life is the basis for a high quality of life - and thus the basic prerequisite for top performance on the job.


In the year 2050, I would like ...

… that, thanks to innovative technologies, we live in a world without serious occupational accidents. Assistance functions in vehicles based on artificial intelligence or highly efficient safety systems in depots are essential components of this vision of the future.

What do we do for this?

We are an active partner of universities and research institutions in the development and testing of new instruments that make working life easier and more pleasant. For example, we are currently testing the use of modern exoskeletons together with the company German Bionic. This is a support device that can relieve pressure on different parts of the body depending on its design. The wearer straps the German Bionic model onto his or her back like a hiking backpack and then attaches it to the body. This practical example shows: At DPD, the future begins today!