8. May 2023 | Interview

DPD "Future Talk" – the seventh episode

In our " Future Talk" series we talk about the future, whether it's in the area of city logistics and sustainable mobility, digital solutions, forward-looking delivery processes or innovative product developments. Once a month we ask our experts in various business disciplines what the future looks like for them. What is their vision for the year 2050? And how do they aim to realise it?

The seventh episode is answered by Beres Seelbach. He is co-founder of ONOMOTION, a Berlin-based company for logistics solutions in urban areas and cooperation partner of DPD Germany.

Three questions for Beres Seelbach

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Three questions for Beres Seelbach


For me, the future is ...

... better than today. I firmly believe that together we will shape and implement a more liveable future. For me, this means above all a better quality of life for every individual, a life in harmony with nature and resources, and a just environment in which everyone can develop freely.


In the year 2050, I would like ...

... cities without car noise, exhaust fumes and traffic accidents – where the quality of life is just as high as in the countryside. Intelligent, electric and networked vehicles and transport systems enable a high level of mobility without polluting the environment.

What do we do for this?

At ONOMOTION, we put electric, emission-free and urban vehicles on the road and use them to replace fossil fuel-powered vehicles. From development to production and maintenance, we cover all areas of value creation. Our first vehicle is an electric cargo bike for the last mile in city logistics. Together with DPD, we have already put many of these cargo bikes on the road in German cities. They are not only emission-free, but also take up much less space than conventional vans. Especially in large cities with high traffic volumes, e-cargo bikes are therefore an important piece of the puzzle on the way to sustainable city logistics.