1. December 2023 | Interview

DPD "Future Talk"

In our " Future Talk" series we talk about the future, whether it's in the area of city logistics and sustainable mobility, digital solutions, forward-looking delivery processes or innovative product developments. Once a month we ask our experts in various business disciplines what the future looks like for them. What is their vision for the year 2050? And how do they aim to realise it?

This episode is answered by Christl Fetzer.
She is Senior Expert Apprenticeship in the Human Resources team at DPD Germany

Three questions for Christl Fetzer

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Three questions for Christl Fetzer


For me, the future is ...

... to prepare our trainees and dual students optimally for their future professional challenges so that they enjoy helping to shape and secure the future of the company. This also includes preparing them for change. I'm thinking, for example, of mobile working, Working 4.0 and New Work.

In the year 2050, I would like ...

... that trainees and dual students still enjoy learning and their own development despite the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as a supporting technology. In future, the use of AI should primarily serve to better develop individual talents and create scope for creativity.

What do we do for this?

With our concept of mobile working during training, we are already taking a decisive step into the future. We support our junior staff right from the start in preparing for the working world of tomorrow. In doing so, we give our trainees the freedom to concentrate on their strengths and talents.